Dev Stream #36: Coding for Alpha 10!

its live right now!


Of course in the middle of me being wayy behind in my homework :slight_smile: (Or more like the report my examn is depended)

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ya i know yow ya feels, the one day that im not able to get on in the morning :scream:

@Ponder sure does smile a whole lot more than @Tom:smile:

ahhh, the life of a programmer… :laughing:


Thank you! It was a very enjoyable and informative stream. :thumbsup:

I would really like to see them become a regular feature. The time is great for us Europeans, who more often than not, can’t make the live modelling streams. ( I try to, but I’m usually a zombie the next day )

A great first stream! Please continue to do them!


I second this motion. Though this was neetly placed upon my study time It was highly enjoyable.

I agree,
This was really facinating to see the real meat of what goes into make our little hearthlings move about on screen.
It would be great if this could become a consistent trend at least once a week like the modelling streams that Tom does.


Personally it’s a step in the right direction, but 17:21 is just way too early for me to actually watch the stream due to work. Guess you can’t satisfy everyone.

I’ll need to get off work sooner if this happens again.


Yeah, an hour later would be peachy, if I’m honest.


I agree :thumbsup: (plus it wouldn’t be so early in the morning for them either)
*watching it right now*

Aww… I find him cute! :laughing: Perhaps because it was his first stream and he was shy? or nervous?

Maybe not, I’m not used to that voice with that face, although I always thought that I could distinguish them in the Kickstarter video :sunglasses: (not sure at all :sweat_smile:)

Probably their voices are not as different as I think…


Yeah, that was a fantastic way to spend my morning. I hope they continue, even if they move the time.

Do we ever get filled in on what Tony had to do to fix the crash at start up?


Will @Ponder be streaming tomorrow? The Avengers movie will have to wait till Saturday if he is!