8/8/14 Object Building Marathon!

Tom’s on a muted marathon to build many of the items requested in the thread he threw up asking for requests. Come join the stream on Twitch! :smile:


Yesssssssssssssssssss! :heart:


and noooooooooo! why must twitch be considered EVIL by our corporate security hounds? le sigh

enjoy the stream folks… :smile:

edit: made it in! :+1:

I was surprised I couldn’t find a mention of it on the forums or dev blog, but perhaps I’m just blind :blush:

no mention on the blog… and i suppose this serves the purpose here just fine! :smiley:

break time for me!!

I’'ve just managed to get in - been travelling all day.

What has been built so far? I can see a bench and @tom is on lunch.

He’s made a comfy chair, 3 signs, and flags. I think.

He’s back in action!

Awesome Stream. Learned a lot! Thanks again! @Tom and the team!


Yep, was good fun to watch :slight_smile: .

who else heard @Tom mention this was now, officially, a “thing” he’s doing weekly… anyone? anyone at all? :raised_hand:

that was the most fun I’ve had, wasting time at work… cheers! :smile:


@SteveAdamo i think it was before the lunch break he had

Six hours seems like a little more than I care to watch. I’m grateful Tom is sharing his work this way. I know modellers in the community look to these videos for guidance and inspiration. It’s a win for everyone in that regard.

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I can appreciate that—even for me it got to be a bit much, although I think I might have lasted longer if I hadn’t also focused on the chat at the same time (I love the interaction, it just drains me a bit more quickly is all… must be the introvert in me). If you’re interested for a bit but not for six hours, you can always kind of scroll through it to see if any particular model he’s doing or test he’s doing interests you. There was a part where he just played the game for a bit as well.

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I may do that, but my YouTube backlog is already gargantuan :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah yes, a familiar problem. Well, it’s a thought, at any rate.