Live Stream, This Thursday, 2:00 PM Pacific (GMT -7)

Tom will be doing another modelling live stream on Thursday at 2:00 PM
Pacific time, 7 hours behind GMT. Tentatively he will be modelling the
dragon whelp pet, but if there’s something else you’re dying to see go
ahead and post a comment with your idea.

just wanted to toss this out there, and see what other ideas folks might have for Tom’s next stream… personally, i’m pretty stoked about seeing the whelp, but i would absolutely love to see some more UI work, or any UI screens for that matter…

its the old CSS in me bubbling up… :smiley:

I’d like to hear some official word about how coop is likely to work, though I realize it might be very early yet to have anything solid.

More alpha footage of the game would be icing on my cake.

regarding the UI, for those who may not have seen the older post, take a look below:

really impressive stuff with the Chrome interface… oh, i’m also curious to hear more about this post, if possible… :slight_smile:

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Would just like to add that this will be streamed at 10 PM in the UK due to British Summer Time, just in case anyone was unsure.

Thanks for the heads up!

UI is cool, I’d be interested in how they hook into the game particularly in relation to modding but I assume it would just be some kind of lua javascript bridge that’s beyond my current knowledge. The look is probably just a custom made jQuery UI theme but it’s a pretty good one if that’s what it is, certainly makes you wonder whats possible as something like a minimap for example is firmly UI but majorly connected to what’s happening in game and could be nasty without some fairly awesome tools. Modelling is interesting as well though so it should be good either way, now if only it was at a better time as here in aus all the live streams have been at annoying times like 4am, at least this one is at the more reasonable time of 7am.

I would just like a livestream after 4 PM pacific… I can’t see those livestreams at 2 D: Thankfully twitch does have the videos os past streams…

yes, this one might be difficult for me to join, as i believe its 4PM CST (which is when im usually enroute home)…

bah… exceptions can be made… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hope so! I would love soooooo much to see a livestream of this game… I can’t wait to get it either!

8 more hours! Can’t wait

8 more hours…? Are you in Australia? Even so it’s still 30 hours away!

Or are you some sort of time wizard?

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haha, my fault i thought it was Thursday already fail

@SteveAdamo I created this, can you just check it see if it works/ changes time according to your location?

yes sir… works like a charm… :slight_smile:

Awesome, it automatically changes to your location yer? If so then amazing! That should hopefully stop any confusion.

it showed the stream time on the left, and my timezone on the right… this earns you 2 internet points my good man… plus, i’ll throw in a copy of that mix tape you wanted: Best of Enya…

Sh** - at my timezone this is 11pm -.- and i have early duty :cry:

PS: Steve i have known i have see you anywhere before xD Go back to the Timber and Stone Forum and help us with the bugs :wink:

With the Phil Collins greatest hits B side?! AWESOME.

yes sir, i’ve been wrangling bug reports for months now… T&S is very near and dear to my heart… Robert is tackling that entire project by himself, which i find very admirable… :slight_smile:

@Geoffers747 you got it! just skip through the DJ Jazzy Jeff portion… i was going through a phase when i made the mix tape…

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I know ^^ Thats very admirable for one person alone - because of this i try to help with bugsearching :smiley: