[Dev Blog] - We’re Back from Evo! Live stream Tomorrow, 4:00 PST!



Flash stream in about 2 hours

… should be 1 am CET on Saturday, right?


i’ll double check, but i believe so, yes…

  • 4PM PST
  • 6PM CST
  • 11PM UTC
  • 1AM CET

edit: yes, 1AM CET


Looks like I’ll be sound asleep! Summarise it through the medium of dance for me @SteveAdamo


way ahead of you my friend… getting all limbered up… have my best Olivia Newton John tights all laid out…

oh, it’s on!

edit: some helpful timezone converters for folks in other regions…


@Geoffers747 @SteveAdamo
You both terrify me and excite me in equal measure :dancers:


then we’re clearly doing our jobs correctly… :tongue:

t-minus 6ish hours until the stream!


T-minus 5 1/2 hours until stream!


wait what!!! Stream today ??


yes sir… yesterday was a flash stream, where @Tom was roughing out an idea for the visual indicator for the passage of time… as for today:

I’ll be doing a new live stream tomorrow at 4:00 US Pacific time.
Right now I’m working on adding the concept of time to the game, so
we’ll be doing some animation and AI work to make our little guys
sleep when they get tired!


OH that means I need to collect my questions NOW :smiley:


i know we’re only a few hours out, but perhaps this will help in the collection process…


but I have more question can I post more? I mean one question one post?


since we’re short on time, let’s bump it to 2 questions per person… but make them individual posts, so each one can receive its own “likes”… sound good?


ok I have only 2 now ^^


… moved my question to the right post… Livestream - Animation and AI work - today July 19th at 4PM PST