Modding Livestream TODAY- Friday 17th May 11:00 PDT 19:00 BST

Taken from the Kickstarter update, watch it [url] here [/url]:

"For our next live stream, Tony will show you the basics of Stonehearth’s modding framework by implementing the baby Mammoth pet! He’ll walk through the process of importing the modelled and animated mammoth into the game and adding AI routines.

We’ll broadcast from our channel at Twitch, Friday 11:00 AM Pacific (-7 hours GMT)"


Does it mean that in Europe (France) it will be friday at 20h ? (I just need to ensure that :octopus:)

It should be at 19:00? I’m in the UK and it’s 15:07 here now, so it should be 16:07 in france yer?

PDT is 8 hours behind the time in France (& 7 hours behind BST), so yer, 7pm in France.

Hope I’ve got that right, man I hate timezones.

all i know is, this is at 1PM CST, which means i’ll be able to attend the session this time… assuming of course, i can get a wi-fi signal from my hidey hole in the hospital… :smiley:


Yes its 16:xx in France, so you should be right. Thanks !

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You sound in good spirits considering you’re in a hospital! Hope it’s nothing serious!

@Geoffers747 Steve works in a hospital… a children’s hospital doing IT stuff if I’m not mistaken.

thats correct… and while there are those among my colleagues who do feel i should be on some sort of medication, i am actually just your typical IT n3rd…


Oh good! For a moment there I thought you might have some serious medical condition. My statement still stands that you sound in good spirits considering you’re in a hospital!


hahaha… thanks… :wink:

well, it’s a childrens hospital, and i’ve never really matured much past 5-6, so…

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Yer … I don’t think that’s gonna stand up in court. [size=8] Testing the waters [/size]

Edit: Not sure how my dry British humour will go down here. Guess we’ll see!

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1 hour until the live stream - I apparantely cannot tell the time!

actually, isnt it an hour and 40? i thought it was 1PM CST… if i’m off, all the better! :smiley:

I think the appropriate phrase here is FML.

I was right the first time and just confused myself … I’ll make another change …

@Keither You were right, the stream will be at 20:00 in France.

I’m blaming Radiant for the confusion!!

Technically the kickstarter post regarding the stream being -7 GMT is correct, as PDT is -7 GMT, however we are in BST (GMT + 1) which means PDT is - 8 hours behind the time in the UK at the moment.

I completely forgot this and took their word for it, feel absolutely betrayed and hurt, not sure if I can continue backing the game, but yer, the stream is at 11:00 PDT, 19:00 BST, 20:00 for France.

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Ahah ok, I will just wait 1 more hour in my sofa with popcorn and coke …

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Thanks for the notice!

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So if I missed it, is there an archive of the video I could perhaps check out? :))

those typically show up a few hours afterwards… stay tuned… cant wait myself, as i missed the last part!

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Thank you! I appreciate the response