[Dev Blog] This is a bush. Live stream today at 4:00 Pacific!

Better late than never… and a live-stream!



but also a lot of behind-the-scenes work like crash reporters, a built system, and automated testing system

excellent… would love to hear more about this! :smiley:

… you can raise a question in the stream today :stuck_out_tongue:.

unfortunately, i wont be in attendance… Bella has MMA practice on Wednesdays… :smile:

anyone know the time conversion for UK?

@Azhrak Midnight my UK brethren. I will be in attendance :smile:

I have college tomorrow, I will still be catching 2 hours of it. If there is that much

It never usually exceeds the 2 hour mark, so you should be fine :smile:

Last stream hit 3 hours. So many possibilities

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It should show you your timezone automatically as long as you don’t use VPN, proxy or the like :wink:

I have also added a count-down on my page… so if you want to see how many hours left, it is on the right side-panel.

Q&A thread is up, with the requisite timezone details… :wink:

for all of the german peoples :wink: please don´t forget to record :grin:

@SteveAdamo nice work -> like always :grin: