[Dev Blog] Checkout Stonehearth on the Indie Gaming Showcase, Saturday at 1:30 PM US Pacific!


What time is that GMT because it might conflict with the Novus Aeterno stream I am watching


that should help! :smiley:

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Oh sweet, grats Radiant on making it! I notice Gnomoria is in there too…I hope they’re reasonably well spaced out for the sake of either game :wink:

Thanks! I tried to do it with time converter, fumbled up, and panicked because it said the event already passed!

1:30 CET? No problem for me :wink:

8:30 AM GMT :anguished: would one of you be so kind as to mark down when they start playing SH and I’ll watch the archive? :pray:

i should be in attendance, and can handle that for ya my friend…

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Actually, Steve, could you inform the Guys (and Gals) at the Top that Stonehearth will be streaming at 4:30 EST, not Pacific Time, as the title would imply? That threw me off for a minute there, but luckily I checked the schedule.

hmm, im just going by the blog post… i think the stream is actually already underway (started about 3 hours ago), and runs for 24 hours straight… it looks like SH is set for tomorrow at 4:30PM PST:

The stream starts this evening, and Stonehearth will make an appearance Saturday at 4:30 PM US Pacific time.

Read the picture, it’s labelled as starting at 7PM EST, that would make it 3 hours earlier. The relevant event timer Event Time Announcer - Stonehearth on Indie Showcase!

sorry, i think you misunderstand… thats when the main stream starts… 7PM EST tonight…

it runs for 24 hours, with the portion including SH to start at 4:30PM EST tomorrow… :wink:

AM or PM, because I live here in California and we use the US Pacific timezone.

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Keep in mind, however, that you would see Stonehearth on their stream at 1:30 PM, your time, if you are in the PST time zone.

Yes that’s exactly what I meant, I meant that the starting at 7PM EST meant that it would be in sync with PST.

i still dont know if we’re saying the same thing… :smile:

forget 7PM EST time though… that time has passed… the event has already started, and will continue through tomorrow… Stonehearth will be airing at 4:30 PM PST tomorrow, which is link to the time & date link in my second post in this thread…

You must be wrong in this case. Their schedule is here, it lists it as 4:30 PM EST which is the time & date link I linked to. I have no idea why they said PST in the blog but I’m going typo.


oh good gravy… :angry:

apologies @Xavion! i was (obviously) using the time from Radiant’s blog post… but you are absolutley correct, in that the timeline on GreenLitGaming’s site shows otherwise! i think we can safely place blame on @Albert for this one… he was never good with the maths…

i’ll update the thread, as well as the time/date links… :+1:

4:30 PM EST (New York)
3:30 PM CST (Texas)
1:30 PM PST (California)


@SteveAdamo I think we need to re-evaluate your timezone duties.

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