Stonehearth at PAX West in Seattle, Sept 2-5!

Hey Everyone!

Stonehearth is going to PAX West in Seattle! Pretty much our entire dev team will be there, along with community members Froggy (modder and creator of the Cafe Mod, Candledark, and co-creator of Frostfeast), Micheal Handy (“Builder Extraordinaire”), and Deluks (YouTuber and streamer). They’ll be working (together with the Stonehearth team) on a new mod we’re hoping to debut in Q4.

We have a small but exciting booth (there’s swag while it lasts!) – so if you’re attending PAX, please come by! We’d love to meet you. (We will be on the sixth floor of the convention center.)

Plus, Stonehearth has been invited to visit the Twitch stage at PAX, so we’ll be live on Twitch’s own PAX channel Friday (September 2) at 1.45 pm Pacific. Tune in!

This also means that with the entire team out of the office, we won’t be very active on Discourse from September 1 through September 6 (because travel days + show). We’ll be back in the office on September 7 and look forward to reporting back on all our PAX adventures.

See you in Seattle!


I’ll try to swing on by! Meeting one of my favorite dev teams could be a fun time. :grin:

I’ll be the guy in the shirt.


Someone tell me how long is it till the stream from the time of this reply! In hours!

I’m not sure if i have the time right!

If you’re reffering to the twitch atage. That was 12 hours ago

Have any one found stonehearth in the Pax twitch records?

Yep, it’s here.

You’ll have to skip to around 04:16:40 to see the Stonehearth section.


I noticed a lot of the chat comments were one of three things:

  1. The Frame rate.
  2. That crash.
  3. A kirby emote?

But seriously, it seemed a lot of people were turned off by the slow frame rate, and then the unfortunate timing of the crash.

Could’ve been the 40 something Hearthlings causing the frame rate issues…

I personally would never go past 25 because it begins to hurt more than help.

Yeah, too bad it was all rushed. I mean, else they would had tested it all before hand and would know it was a bad fps computer.

Also I disagree with showcasing that city. Yes, we all know how good and impressive it is and how it pushed the limits of the game. But, that’s only because we know the game, we know how hard is to achieve something similar to it. Someone that never saw the game would not have the same good impression that we have seeing that city, for them it would be just a “nice city”, without understanding why or the challenges to get that point.

I do not know what was the plan if the game didn’t crashed, but I think it would be more effective to someone that never saw the game to actually show the building process. Like, “hey, you drag the floor, raise wall, roof, click done, and now we can see they working hard on it, cool huh” Of course, don’t need to wait for them to finish, but at least this way people would understand better the game and why that city is so good.


maybe because I got used to it… or I came from a focus the simulation aspect, I must have developed a high tolerance for graphical lags… and “understanding” for simulation lags… and being a software developer (more into systems though) I may also have a higher tolerance for software failures. at least I prefer them to human ones: software ones usually have consistent cause and can be eventually fixed… human parts of systems however… sigh (so one challenge of system design, is probably to reduce human parts to a safe “pen” where their potential to mess up the systems can be contained…)

re: the chats, assuming a$$h0le$ comprises a fixed percentage of the world’s population. The actual number of visible ones will increase with actual participating population and the visible frequency is not representative of the population as a whole. I wouldn’t worry about the useless ones, so just filter in the constructive ones.

well, now that I have a new machine that no longer has heat issue (anybody body have experience with troubleshooting/fixing/replacing liquid cooling systems?) , I’ll get back to playing … (missed one dev build due to system migration, so I gotta find out what things changed in between…)