Radiant at PAX Prime

So I don’t know why there hasn’t been a topic for this yet, but Radiant is totally at PAX this weekend. I stopped by and chatted with them a bit and their booth seemed pretty popular which was nice to see. I got a sweet goblin button, too, which I’ve been wearing proudly since yesterday. Is anyone else at PAX this weekend? Been by to check out their booth? They’re in the Indie Megabooth, if anyone is here but didn’t know about it.


nice! take a few “Radiant selfies” … you know, for historical purposes… :smile: :+1:


I didn’t take any pictures, selfies or otherwise, but every time I went by there were always people playing the demos for Stonehearth and Rising Thunder, and always people crowded around watching the screens. More than a few times the aisle was jammed up with spectators and PAX Enforcers (volunteer show security/facilitators) told people to squeeze in closer to the booth to allow traffic past Radiant’s booth. Seemed like a fair bit of media interest too, though I think it was focused more on Rising Thunder since that’s the newest thing. I don’t know how much it costs to get a booth on the expo hall, even a small one in the Indie Megabooth, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it paid for itself with all the new game purchases people are sure to make after seeing the game. I myself talked to a few people who were watching the screens and I think I convinced at least three people they should buy Stonehearth when they went home after PAX. If I did that, as just a fan talking for a couple minutes, I can only imagine how many other people are home right now thinking about buying Stonehearth after 24 hours of expo hall time over the four days.

For those who have never been to a PAX before, indie games get a lot of attention. It’s not like the carefully staged and choreographed media campaigns of E3. PAX is an expo for gamers, and gamers like seeing small companies make fun and interesting gaming experiences. The latest mega AAA titles certainly have busy booths, but when you talk to other people at the show in freeplay areas or in lines for panels, the games people are most eager to talk about are the fun little games that don’t have advertising budgets in the millions of dollars. I was really happy to see Radiant there, since I’m sure their presence generated a lot of good word-of-mouth.


Thanks so much for coming by, @mrxak and I’m sorry that I missed you! :slight_smile: We had a good time at the booth and got so much good feedback; we return super motivated!!! :slight_smile:


Maaaan :frowning: I wish i could be there with all of you guys :c. Get me some stoneheart goodies. Have fun guys and enjoy the expo :wink:


Will you be going to PAX South or PAX East?

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Not this year! Going to shows is a lot of fun, but very distracting from writing code. :slight_smile: