Stonehearth and Rezzed (Indie Gaming Festival - United Kingdom)

Hello again avid Stonehearth fans! :D,

As a Indie game lover, game commentator and procrastinator, i hope to see some of you lovely people at Rezzed this year:


Last year we had the developers of :smile:

Dayz - Dean Rocket Hall attended personally!!!
Rome Total War 2
Surgeon Simulator
Ghost Recon online
Sir, You Are Being Hunted

But the most popular section was the Board games:

The Resistance and Dobble had a group of 50+ people waiting to play haha.

and much more.

Would love to see Stonehearth on the list of attending but i’m aware of there time issues at the moment maybe next year.

Let me know if your attending we can make a weird signal to identify each other :P!!!

Hmmm I would understand if Radiant wouldn’t attend just because it’s in the UK? Isn’t it pricey to travel from California to birmingham?