Stonehearth Inteview (6aming)

Here’s an interview with Tom and Tony, in case any of you were interested in this thing they’re working on at the moment:


nice! why wasnt this more publicized? :smiley:

edit: that was a pretty good read… is that their correct twitter account though?

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Cool - really interesting answers. They’re on version 3 of their custom game engine and it’s their very first time doing this!

I have no idea, came across it on Reddit, and yer I think that’s the right twitter, why?

well, they are radiant entertainment, and the twitter is listed as radent updates … might have been that all the other combinations were already taken…

Ah I see, as far as I know it’s the real one, I’m pretty sure they have a link to their twitter on the website so if you wanted to double check you could, but I’m positive it is!

yes sir… just checked the twitter-verse… @radentupdates it is… :slight_smile: