[Kickstarter Update] Stonehearth Development Update

[Update on the kickstarter][1]
So a new person and something resembling facts on how it makes people different, not much else though if you’ve been following the blog. I’m linking here for the people who didn’t kickstart or who turned off email notifications.
[1]: Stonehearth by Radiant Entertainment — Kickstarter


Thanks for finding & linking :wink:.

So finally some news on the music. Looking forward to hear the first piece and wonder if we know the artist :smile:. Also interesting that in December we will see “only” 1 storey buildings and more “soon” after…

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Also, in the comment section Radiant replied to someone asking whether she can get in the Beta Preview Release, despite not having backed during the Kickstarter. Radiant said they’d look into it and see what they could do, which sounds hopeful but not at all certain. Just something @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 might wanna note, as I know it appears around the forums a fair bit.

Mega excited on the new guy, I’ve been very keen to hear some music :musical_score:

just got my email notice on the update… thanks KS… :stuck_out_tongue:

indeed we will, as we’ve basically been spouting that its likely to be the case… will have to be more reserved in our responses from now on… :wink:

edit #1:

and on Monday we’ll be adding a 6th member to handle all the audio in the game.

say whaaaaaa? :boom:

ok, this is all sorts of awesome… cant wait to hear more! :+1:

edit #2:

When they are idle, town citizens will do their own thing, maybe going and finding something interesting to look at, conversing with each other, or just taking a nap.

loving this comment… heck, the entire update was packed with all sorts of good information… overhauled construction system, with additional layers of customization? just getting better and better… :smile:

edit #3:

A couple of people have asked about that. Let me find out what’s possible and I’ll post an update when we’re closer to release.

specific quote on the option to purchase the the beta… im assuming the comment was from someone who had purchased the full game initially (and wants to “upgrade” to the preview release option)…

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Yay, moar updaet! Kooplah!

ahem So, a 6th member, huh? I hope they get one more, 7 is far luckier than 6 (in my opinion), and besides that, it means that they have even more progress being done at any one time! Nice find and post, @Xavion, I was idling about, as my ambient AI had taken over (heh heh) and I was simply wandering around when my iPod picked up on the KS update, and… yeah. Anywho, the three C’s of engines have been revealed, apparently. But what happened to the terrain engine…?

what do you mean? Albert is cranking away at terrain generation (among other things i’m sure)…

Well, there didn’t seem to be any mention of the terrain engine as one of the three engines in the game at first release… so does that mean we have one world to play on, and it just repeats each time? I doubt it, but it begs to be asked about.

I can’t wait till December, this is going to be fun.

oh, right… no, thats a valid question for sure… but i thought we heard mention of that in a recent stream… no?

if i were a gambling man though, i would wager the terrain will indeed be completely randomized in the preview release as well…

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It would seem to me that terrain is one of the underlying engines, perhaps, and they didn’t mention it because of that, although I don’t recall it being said that seeds/randomization will be present on our first playthroughs.

@ManOfRet I also think that it is not mentioned simply because it is one of the core-systems without which there is no Stonehearth. A part of the game-engine if you want to say so.


All interesting stuff!

Word on the street is the audio guy is Hans Zimmer but keep it hush hush all right?

Edit: @Tom @Ponder - Father Cannon has spoken.

“Really? You wrote “…no two citizens in your town will look alike.” What about twins? In the real world, twins do actually exist – as in the case of Tom and Tony.”

I expect amendments post-haste.

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That’s what I initially thought as well, but I believe they said that modded would have access to terrain, if I’m not mistaken… Me are confused.

@ManOfRet Yes, you should be able to add custom areas into the overall map. But I do not think that this feature will be already implemented in December… other than the generation of random terrain.

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aye… they are working towards having modding as part of the preview release, but i would imagine it will enable players to tweak the “smaller” pieces of the game…

something as massive as terrain generation (and all the “perlin stuff” that gets tossed around) might not be exposed to our grubby little hands… yet… :wink:

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As an extension to the terrain engine discussion, I wonder if you will be able to order your settlers to shift around dirt at the first release, or if you won’t be able to do any real modification, outside of stairs and buildings, until later on.

Out of interest, who has plans for modding in December/January? And when I say that, I mean what we realistically can do with relative ease, such as simply adding new recipes and all that guff, although anybody with anythintg complex is very much welcome…but who actually is looking to be modding when we get the preview release?

And idc, if they get Hans Zimmer, we are getting boats, end of discussion.

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@Smokestacks I guess this is a rhetorical question, right? :wink:


Alright, so here’s the list of modders so far:

Everyone on the forum

Sound about right?

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That might be a bit too optimistic :wink:. But after playing the game a bit I plan to start modding, right from the start. For sure we have to understand the whole process, setup and whatever. To get a basic understanding problably I will start with replacing existing items, adding new ones and so on. Nevertheless… planning to implement “The Chronicle” early in the beta and have some other ideas in my mind :stuck_out_tongue:.

I also plan to share what I will learn throughout this journey… hoping that it might motivate others to contribute some nice content.