[Dev Blog] Stonehearth Alpha1 is ALIVE!


Also, though Team Radiant is still going to be on this Discourse as much as ever, I should mention that the official, Kickstarter-announced Beta Backer Forum is up over here.

If you have bugs, please post them here.


So much is happening my face hurts.



yeah … where are all the bugs … and so many ideas … and tiny things … and and and … arwwww …

Well, your forum link appears to hate me. Or it died. Either way, it doesn’t work.

tha alpha is awesome :smiley: good work!

lol the first patch! from 9 to 10! sweet swiftness :smiley:

edit: AND THE FIREPLACE WORKS!! AWESOME :smiley: :smiley:

edit2: wow, all these early ai-issues seem to be fixed now o0 u guys are damn fast!

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Release 10 just came out! (just downloaded it)
It was release 9 I think when it first was available on steam.

I can’t access the Beta Backers forum.

Whoops, link now updated:


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