Stonehearth Alpha 5 is Now Available

It’s official! Alpha 5 for everyone!

Well… those who backed… and uh… a lot of us yesterday.

But yeah!


haha… nice intro… :wink:

congratulations Team Radiant on this very momentous occasion!! :+1: :cake: :clap:


This is a few days sooner than I expected. Very cool to see the email from Kickstarter show up in my inbox.

Anyway, welcome new players! I’m so excited for you all, as I’ve been having a lot of fun playing Stonehearth since Alpha 1. Now I’m really looking forward to next week’s Desktop Tuesday, and hopefully we’ll hear all about the plans for Alpha 6.

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does the happy dance

Great work, and again a big thank you for actually involving the community in your process!

Team Radiant rocks!


So I’m wondering for those of us who backed at one of the “buddy” levels that got you another copy of the game on release, what is going to happen? How do we go about getting that second copy?

I’d like to give my wife her copy of Stonehearth.

Depends on when you’re due to get the copy: a copy of the full game at release will presumably be sorted out via a Steam key (which I guess you could use for any account) or via Humble Bundle when it’s released.