[Dev Blog]Steam Early Access And Alpha 11 News

Steam Early Access And Alpha 11 News


Aw… the cool picture doesn’t show (So I added My own).

Everything else is awesome though!

Good luck tomorrow, Radiant, we’ll be supporting you.


:four_leaf_clover: yay good luck! I will be writing a lovely review and recommending it to everyone


I will absolutely be writing a positive review. This game and the team making it are fantastic and people need to know about it!

Alpha 11 sounds great, too. I’m very excited for the cook and better inventory management. My Alpha 10 town now has so much food stored up that I am storing it in vast underground caves. I’m hoping this, combined with the upgraded crafter workstations, will allow me to set up real, proper shops.


So, Alpha 10.5 is coming out tomorrow? I’m looking forward to a new project!


I am both terribly excited and seriously concerned about the Steam EA … :smile:

I hope we can count on all of our regulars to help out in welcoming new members to the discourse, and potentially commenting over on the Steam forums as well in the coming days/weeks… :+1:

congratulations Team Radiant on this next phase of Stonehearth’s development!


sounds awesome! cant wait for it, i definitely will be giving a good review :smile:

ugh, why does my like amount always run out when cool stuff is posted… :disappointed:


Sorry @Tom and the rest @Radiant, I have been working a lot lately, with getting homes built IRL. I thought it would be only 2 customs, but i had a 3 more clients come in, It has made me busy this spring.

Anyways let me say I love the new site setup. congrats on EA June 3rd and love the game. I am glad I helped fund a portion of this. You all have not made me regret 1 bit in my investment. I love the game and enjoy building in it.
To @SteveAdamo, and @Geoffers747. I appreciate the friendly discussions and awesome things yall do to keep the site clean and fun.

To @Stoneheartfan, @Atralane, and other builders. Your builds are astonishing and awesome, good talent out there, when I get back and get busy I’m going to push the envelope so be ready :smile:

Anyways peeps keep up the good work



I noticed somebody’s forgotten the RPG / RTS / Resource-Management tags that will surely come more into play than they are ATM later on.