Paul Soares Jr - pre-alpha youtube video

it seems one of my favorite youtubers was given the pre-alpha… happy days! :smiley:

here’s his first look:


Thanks for picking this up. i saw Paul’s video, but had no idea how to get it linked here. I think his is more informed, but less demonstrative than the others. I’d be interested in a “Let’s Play” of Stonehearth if he did one.

Oh yes he is much more informed… part of it is thanks to him being fan of Stonehearth since more or less the beginning. I even saw a post about Stonehearth on his FB-Page made before the first versions had been handed out.

checks the page he made that post back at the 5th of may!

yeah, i really enjoy his indie first looks… i dont know how the man spreads himself out so thin, as he has so many various youtube series, and seems to be very well rounded on so many different games…

we’re already seeing a number of folks in the KS comments section reporting they arrived as a result of his video… :smiley:

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Yeah, I love his videos. I would love to see an Alpha or Beta lets play with this. I think it would get alot of hype for the game.

i think virtually every one of the folks who received the pre-alpha have commented during the videos that they anticipate additional builds in the coming weeks and months… makes sense for Radiant to continue to feed stable builds to these guys, keeping the hype and excitement going as we get closer to beta…