Alpha testing and availability


I have seen a lot of posts addressing this issue and some suggestions and even minor comments about it that the developers have made. But there was never a final decision or announcement and so the big question or should i say questions remain. Is there going to be an Alpha? If so when?


while there was never an official statement, there were plenty of unofficial comments in the various livestreams… (to the best of my knowledge) there will be no alpha for SH…

its the general believe that the time required to prepare and distribute an alpha would be counter-productive, especially since there would be little to gain from the community from such an early build…

take heart though, as the team is most likely going to provide updated clients to their Youtube contacts, which means we’ll still get to see the updates in-game as we get closer to the beta release… :slight_smile:


Oh ok thanks im glad to wait as long as they make it worth it in the end


Hundreds of posts from fans saying “I want this game… I want it now…” is far better than an early release with the same hundreds of fan complaining that “this game is not even finished… there are too many bugs… there is nothing to do… etc…”


ok those YouTube contacts that you mentioned, you have my interest.

i assume they show off all the features that tom and tony dont have time for?

could i grab their YouTube names?


The alpha they sent out was not extensive disposaldwarf. You could chop trees and build houses and theres bunnies and that is about it. You can just search youtube for stonehearth and get lots of them. All the other work they have done in the game they have internally. There is a FAQ thread in this forum that contains all the community questions the devs were asked in streaming events and the answers. That will give you the most up to date informations.


Its great that they are not doing a Alpha - to often now you see indie get stuck in Alpha and trying to attack problems that wouldn’t be attacked or shouldn’t in that early stage of dev. I’d rather way until Dec for a nice beta, then have a alpha hit in 2 months or so that slow production over all.


i get that the one they sent out isnt that extensive, but if their youtube Friends are getting updated with the newest alpha release, then i would get to see these features as they pop up from a gamers perspective, not a developers prospective.

EDIT: Thanks for the info


absolutely… there is a (complete?) list on the wiki… :slight_smile:

keep in mind, this is the general assumption… we have no official word this is the case… but it does make sense… :wink: