Would anyone like to discuss a lets play?

If you have started a lets play, would you like to post the link here?

A list of pre-alpha videos can be found here, but other than that the game has not been released yet so there will be no Let’s Plays. Sorry. :disappointed:

So I guess I’ll be the first one to make a let’s play!

friendly edit: If you pay from the kickstarter you can get the pre-alpha version of the game, can’t you?

You cannot, only beta which is in December

Nope, no plans for a pre-alpha release, of course that might change … but it’s not looking like it will.

As such, full steam ahead to December!

re: alpha clients, these will be confined to the youtube folks who initially received them to help promote SH during the campaign… and odds are they will receive updated versions as they progress internally (to keep the momentum going, and help draw in new folks as well)…

general comment: i’ve been going through an merging double posts with “friendly edit” text, so dont be surprised if you see those going forward… :wink:

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Christmas is looking even more appealing then normal this year.

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i will be doing a twitch feed i going to aim for twice a week and then patch days. when beta is released. then i plan to put those on to youtube