Etalyx pre-alpha Youtube Video

found another youtube preview this morning… the more eyes… the merrier? :smiley:

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doh! it seems he was unaware of the F5 preview toggle while building… oh well, still another great pre-alpha video, as he too went into discussions on the mod system…

It’s a shame that this isn’t available to the public. I am interested to see what Radiant will do after the kick starter that will make everyone not forget them. If they don’t do something like release an Alpha to the public, or have peoples inbox’s get spammed with updates, I have a feeling the games community will die.

the team hopes to continue with either Desktop Tuesdays or additional live streams (1-2 times a month)… and there will of course be media attention as we draw closer to the beta…

im sure they have every intention of keeping their fans and new folks energized and informed about whats taking place… :slight_smile:

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Yer I’d have to agree with Steve on this one, I think there will be a lot of interaction from the devs, and input from the community to keep things going nicely.

Failing that @SteveAdamo and I will just have to reply to each other constantly. Please don’t let it come to that.

aye… but as long as we dont start completing each others sentences, we’ll be just…

Hey I will spam you two as well. I was just worried that everyone else would leave us.

well, the team now has over 16.5k backers, and thats not taking into account the paypal folks… i think we’ll have lots to discuss, and lots of folks to discuss things with for quite some time… :slight_smile:

Team Rocket blasting off again!

Sorry was working / ignoring you to the best of my abilities.

we both know thats just not going to happen… you are the ying to my yang… but in a totally platonic sort of way…

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