Its not long now till preview release

will they make it what dies the game look like now . they haven’t shown us for ages i am starting to worry they might not make it . does anyone have any idea of how far they have come since the last time we saw it . ( steve don’t delete its just geting annyoing now )

i am pretty sure they made a ton of changes, and they simply want to keep the surprise for the beta! ^^

something you need to think of though is they may have released a graphics test of a old build with a updated graphics engine. There could be more in the game now than in that demo becuase it was just to serve a purpose.

What do you mean exactly?

In the different live-streams we have seen quite som stuff. Together with the Desktop Tuesdays I guess we have a rough idea how the game will look like. Personally I do not see any signs of delay.

Just manage your expectations. We will NOT see a full-featured game in December.

P.S. The best way to avoid “Mighty Steve’s Thumb of Closing” is to use the search function prior posting and write something kind of meaningful :wink:. I guess yours has a chance to survive.


They just release what they have ready at the time they release it. Not more, not less. The preview release gets updated frequently, so there is no need to worry they ‘wont make it’.

this is honestly not meant to be a rude reply, but there’s no other way to phrase it: what’s the question/point in this thread?

will they make their preview release window? all indications point to yes (as has been discussed elsewhere)…


The amount of live-streaming that has gone on in the past few months is a clear indication that Team Radiant is fully intending on releasing the pre-release version on time. No one would waste that much time if they were just going to scam us.

And the probable reason that there has been no gameplay is because in most development studios everyone works on their own parts of the game and the parts are not put together until close to release. Sometimes I lack the tact @SteveAdamo does so I’ll just say it: This was a pointless question and Steve has every right in the world to close the threads he sees fit.

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it has been about 4 minutes since i closed one… im feeling the withdrawal symptoms already! :smile:

as opposed to a close, perhaps a merge might be in order…

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A lovely idea, doing so might curb your withdrawal symptoms for a few more minutes :wink:

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i think you sir should just calm down. they will get what they think is a good amount for beta during December. so relax take your cyber shoes off.

IMHO the lack of an official word on that point is pretty sarcastic…

are you referring to an official comment from radiant, in regards to making the December preview release?

Read carefully the text on the graphic test ^^

I can’t help feeling that there’s a trend that infrequent users are feeling like we won’t make it. Now I know I’m a stalker of the game and feed on any and all information that is given I follow this fairly well, but I do read your comments and think your insane. All these recent posts lack any reasoning for not thinking we’ll make it other than there’s no official word. I’d love to have a proper debate, but these are just “We won’t make it because they’re being really quiet” and tbh they’re not. Go on their website and behold! Weekly updates! Including a graphics test in which they were trying to iron out bugs so that release went as smoothly as possible. If they were struggling to get it out on time, the smoothness of the release really isn’t going to be a concern.

I’m going to be quite blunt - the OP was simply wrong. And how those who are barely on the forums can complain at the closing of threads, I don’t know. Some threads made already exist (e.g. this one, just more discussive rather than “I don’t think we’ll make it”) so I say good job @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747, the forums look lovely and tidy, from the guy with the forums as his homepage.

However, whilst I have you two’s attention, I wonder if there’s a reason users I, maybe unfairly, but I feel I have a good sense of who’s a regular, would consider to be quite rare users are so concerned? Is it perhaps a tad difficult to find all the new juicy information? Maybe a sticky thread compiling all updates would be somewhat helpful, called Game Progress to catch people’s attention would be useful?


Yes, I understand where your coming from, and it seems like a good idea; but he have a topic about the beta release pinned for new users to see when they arrive. If they’re not reading that then I doubt they’ll read a specific topic set aside to explain things to them… what a conundrum :disappointed:

interesting… so, a composite of all the dev blogs, or? we do have the announced features thread, and the Q&A thread…

perhaps we can draw more attention to those… we also have plans for a massive “ask your questions here” thread, which will (eventually) house all those commonly asked, and easily answered questions…

with the robust search routine the discourse offers, that should serve as a wealth of information…

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I appreciate this isn’t specifically on topic, but I feel the question has been answered and I just wished to say something about the closing of threads that has been mentioned above.

Firstly, Steve and I both agreed early on to only remove threads if they contained certain material, otherwise through our want to be transparent we would simply lock those we felt necessary.

If a thread is a clone of another, we will do our best to merge and contain discussion to one place. If you have a topic that is different enough that it warrants it’s own thread then of course we would never close that, and welcome new grounds for discussion.

The Discourse works because we all get involved and we all discuss, criticise and comment in a constructive manner - with current discussions bubbling to the top we don’t want these to be lost in a sea of new threads that could be considered by some as ‘spam’ as they have already been dealt with before - especially when it’s a question that requires a one sentence answer.

We obviously don’t want to discourage people from getting involved, but the Discourse search function is a pretty powerful tool that will predominately locate whatever it is you are looking for.

I think that pretty much covers what I have to say about that.

In terms of release - all signs are indicating a December release:

I’m unsure what it is you are both searching for - we get weekly updates through the Dev Blog and the team (espcially @sdee visit and comment regularly) early in the campaign we saw some gameplay videos and they’ve had something to play with from the early days.

It then becomes reworking and redoing a lot of the systems they have had and doing whatever else it is they need to do.

Just because we haven’t seen a current gameplay video doesn’t mean it will never happen and isn’t indicative of the progress they have made; besides for me, the time it would take to get the gameplay down, record it, sort it all out and present it is time taken away from the development process.


I think this is a very important thing for everyone to realise. Building any software product takes a lot of work. Building a graphics intensive software product like a game takes even more work. Before the devs can release anything they need to make sure it works. Even an early beta or a preview release would take a considerable amount of testing before it is ready for release. Otherwise the only thing people tend to notice is the flaws and the bugs.

To do all this work takes time, lots of time. As does monitoring the discourse and posting on it. While it only takes us a couple of minutes to start a new thread, It takes a lot more time to read all the responses and formulate proper replies without making dangerous promises.

As a fellow developer (non-game, but still) I know what it takes to finish a product, and posting on the discourse will usually not benefit the actual work. It might be good PR, but it takes precious time away from the actual development process. With the current communication sessions (which will take quite some time as it is), I think Team Radiant have found a very good balance between getting some work done and keeping us informed.

So all you impatient backers, please take a minute to realise what you’re asking. Do you really want a pre-alpha version really soon, but possibly riddled with issues? Or do you want to give the devs some time and space and get a proper preview-release once the time is right. I’m just as eager to see and play Stonehearth as the next guy, but we have to be reasonable.

For me personally, backing a project such as Stonehearth is not just about backing a start-up. It is also about being (a small) part of the development process, and the excitement and uncertainty make it more interesting. If I wanted a game that would run instantly, I would have bought a finished game.


This is what we should get excited about: having a chance to shape the game through our testing and feedback; that’s what really makes the it worth $30, not all the cool features that will come in time.


They may not be doing any live streams right now. Because they have to get the beta ready for us. This beta will be a test of the game’s key functions. But limited to what they will allow us to do. I’m sure a few things will be missing.