How delayed are you?

So, I tried the alpha 1 when it came out and yes it’s an alpha. Tried the alpha 2 as well and t’s still very early. Since the original Kickstarter was for a beta by the end of last year and the fact that you are just now beginning to release some very very early alpha gameplay my question is: How far behind are you really?

The game is supposed to be released in September (that might have changed, haven’t kept up the last 3 months or so) and since what you are giving us is so very very early are you still planning on releaseing this fall?

Don’t get me wrong, the alphas are sorta fun and I can really see a game set in that style which will be awesome, but I’m kinda waiting for the whole game, atleast for the beta before I can enjoy it. So, how delayed are you?


“Alpha” and “Beta” are very stretchable terms. In terms of the Kickstarter, “Beta” was a rough term used to indicate that backers get access to a version prior to the release of the game.

Since then, they have adjusted the terminology; the Alpha refers to the current game. It’s very early and there’s not much to do. It was released on the very end of 2013, so they kept their promise regarding a release.

The beta will be later, and represents a much more finished game. Most of the content should be there by then. The different names can help distinguish that.

Now, there were a few things that took most of their time so far. There was the engine (which they have written themselves as far as I know), the recent AI rewrite and soon the savegame feature. Those are all very basic foundation things that take a lot of time.

Creating content itself should be fairly “simple” as in, much less time consuming. It’s laying the foundations that take a lot of time. It’s also the most boring part for users because most of the things happen behind the scenes, invisible.

“How delayed are you” sounds like a very odd insult…


i think @RepeatPan has covered the gist of what i was going to comment on… suffice to say, Radiant has spent months preparing the foundation, upon which the rest of the game will rest…

having that solid core, and systems that will enable for rapid content development, are necessary yet time consuming tasks… but they are paying off… take for example the recent quote about adding content to the game:

As a first step, I’ve scattered some boulders across the plains. The main goal was to provide a little visual interest to the green blanket of grass, but then I figured I might as well make them harvest-able. So I was able to hook up the harvest task, AI, and stone resources in about an hour, which is a good indication that our game platform is maturing. Woo!

as the foundation and these systems mature, we’ll see more and faster content additions… :+1:

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I’m afraid that at the rate we’re going, I’m pretty sure the final game will not be done by September. I don’t even dare estimate when that “done” date will be. But even if all the features we promised are not present, everyone who expects access to the game in September will get access to whatever we have in September, and will continue to have access until the game is “done.”


I see a lot of these questions on the steam community forum. You might want to consider doing an update on there, explaining the current situation and the current state/content of the alpha and where to get it if they want to buy into the alpha. I try to do an occasional comment, but it is mopping with the tap open as most dont read even several comments below.


As long as there is an extremely solid core experience there come September then I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

You’ve picked an extremely fortunate time as the whole “early access” thing has become somewhat of a norm for indie development, and so, as I said, as long as there is a solid core experience there I believe you will be afforded a lot of patience going forward!

At least you’re open and honest about it. I don’t speak for everyone, but for me that’s all that matters.

Bear in mind though, that if everything else in my life comes miserably crashing down Stonehearth will become the only thing I live for, going Tuesday to Tuesday, eagerly awaiting blog posts.


ok, ok… for the millionth time, we’ll finally take that trip to Tahiti you’ve been pining over… just promise me we’ll stay at a non “clothing optional” resort this time…

as for @sdee’s comment, and your assessment of having that solid core experience… couldn’t agree more! :smile:


It’s nice to know that you are responding and talking to the community. I guess I kept my hopes up for September but I rather wait a few more months as long as the game gets better and better. If it’s anything like your promotional Kickstarter video I’ll be one happy man (happier man as I am quite happy already) =)

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now my real question is for the weaver to be possible would we not need the sheperd to befriend the nice sheep

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To tell you the truth, I never expected the game to be finished by September :sweat_smile: , because I know the harsh road of software development (and its cycles). However, this has never worried me because I know that the Team will release the game in September, whichever its state may be, and continue the development till they finish. Which I hope that at most would be between 1 and 3 months more (to finish main Kickstarter goals), but we don’t really know how complete will it be by then (they still have to do ports, multiplayer, etc).

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I’ve learned to go by the “its done when its done” attitude instead of following the estimated dates cause when it comes to game development, chances are, they will be incorrect especially if they’re months away

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Put it this way: you don’t want to be like Bungie, who from what I’ve heard had a real problem sticking to any kind of release date, no matter how vague - unless Microsoft were there to give them a kick up the backside.

But you also don’t want to be like EA, who release the game on the date, polished or not (psst EA, wonder why you keep getting voted worst company online :stuck_out_tongue: ?).

What you want to be is like Blizzard, who have a release date, invariably miss it, but in doing so create a blockbuster every time.

I know I’m no game developer, but here’s two rules of thumb. First, work expands to fill the time available for it. Second, there’s always more work to do than you thought there would be.

Are we talking about “Let’s stop releasing new content for this expansion and hope the players don’t mind grinding 10 months the same 14 bosses over and over and over again because we take that long for the next one” Blizzard? The “we have to apply a bunch of hotfixes as soon as content launches and three months later because our player base got bored and tried to exploit whatever they can” Blizz?

I would argue about the blockbuster part and I don’t agree on wanting to be like Blizzard at all.

then lets say be more like Radiant Entertainment the soon to have a blockbuster

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Even when the Full Release of Stonehearth comes, I guess it will still get updates, so essentially, the game will get better and better with age.


absolutely correct! even if every “thing” made it into the game by December, there are still post-release goals to attain…

not to mention the simple fact that the game will continue to evolve over time, as long as there is interest/support from the community (and for as long as radiant is capable, of course)…

Just look at their history of games from Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (back in 1994) - even that sold a million copies, and the numbers have only gone up since those early days (Blizzard Entertainment Statistics – Statistic Brain).

You help make a game as big (and old) as WoW that doesn’t have this problem :stuck_out_tongue: . Sure, the wait for new content can get boring (ETA on the next expansion: Autumn 2014, so 6 months of the current raid tier to go), but I for one have always been impressed with the quality. Also, let’s face it: we’re talking MMOs here, and MMOs are grindy more or less by default - if you don’t want to grind lots, don’t play one :stuck_out_tongue: .

Now, if you stopped focusing solely on WoW… well. Diablo 2 (released 2000) still has its servers & ladders up and being maintained, Warcraft 3 (released 2002) was last patched in 2011. This is clearly a company that values its customers and which is happy to continue polishing balance for a decade. It’s also one that’s been tremendously successful in terms of number of units sold… so yeah, more reasons to be like Blizzard Entertainment :stuck_out_tongue: .

why be like them or like this why not be who you are? @Teleros would you want to be compared to Bill Gates or not be compared to someone who is not even like you. what you are trying to do with Radiant and Blizzard is like comparing bananas to oranges. both are developers are working in 2 very different genres and are in a very different state in which yeah Blizzard who owns multiple franchises can be late on expansions because people know it will be good. while Radiant is a indie who people into this kind of game or art style will say we are committed to say this is going to be a great game when they are ready to say we are tom with alpha and beta and this is now the final release that we will keep updating to be even better and we dont know if it will be as good as you would expect it to be. so dont say for Radiant to be like some other developer, let Radiant be Radiant

i think @Teleros was simply making a generic reference to the development process/decisions that Blizzard employs… i also think this thread has served it purpose, and answered the OP’s question…

@creiij, if you have any issues, feel free to PM either @Geoffers747 or myself… :smiley: