How long is it?!

How long is it until the full version comes out? The kickstarter page says 3 days, but is that until the beta or alpha comes out? I wonder…

You can see the estimated delivery time on the right side, under the pledge tiers.
Beta: December 2013
Full: September 2014

Now the beta will probably be a bit earlier, but don’t hold your breath for the full version…

The timer on kickstarter just tells you when the crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter ends, this has nothing to do with a release of any sort

remember that the pledges have gone through the roof which means more deliverables and possibly a longer deadline

It shouldn’t mean that, since the extra money is used for paying more people to work on the game.

Please remember it is an indie game. I don’t think they want to employ too many , if any, more employees.

They specifically said they’ll use the extra money to hire more people. Indie doesn’t mean they can’t have extra employees.


aye… they’ve already brought on @sdee , or rather, she told them they were hiring her… :smiley:

i believe they have mentioned elsewhere that they intend to bring on some additional folks as well… perhaps 1-2 more? this team is off to a fantastic start though, but a few more hands could certainly come in handy, i’d imagine…

yes but as an experienced project manager i can tell you that just because you have more staff doesn’t mean the project timeline could keep up. There is a law of diminishing returns with software development. when there is a lot going on there is more work to check through, more bug testing etc…
i for one am willing to wait as long as it takes and not have the project rushed. If we have to wait a bit longer then so be it. The final results will speak for themselves.
EDIT: dont forget time to get the new staff up to speed with the project.


@jollins you are absolutely correct… i find myself in a similar camp as you, having been a PM for 4-5 years, and then transitioning across the isle to the development camp (and having never looked back, by the way :stuck_out_tongue: )…

but yes, just throwing more folks at a problem isnt always a good idea… having a clear vision, concise objectives, effective time management, etc. are all key ingredients… and i too would rather see a game be delayed in order to have a more refined product… but you have to be cognizant of the other pitfall as well - baking the product too long… :wink:

plus, with the (apparent) iterative nature of how this game will be released, clients can be delivered as needed to address items that slip through even rigorous beta testing… but thats an entirely different discussion…

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:frowning: need those 3 kingdoms but we’re running out of time asdkf;alskdfj;alsdkfj

something tells me its a shoe-in… :wink:

we have less than 10k (including a conservative estimate of 27k in paypal donations) until we reach the 600k mark…

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ohhhh ye we have paypal donations as well :smile:

annnnnnd three kingdoms met! :smiley:

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@jollins and @SteveAdamo I would say the same as you 2 about having more people on the project :smile:

At the same time though, considering how they plan it to work, I guess few more people would be an addition, at the right time or with the right expertise for some things. Essentially the game will consist of modules at it’s core after all, so the labor to fill in all this different things would not be an issue at the core-level as it would be “just adding more content”. This of course, is simplified.