Beta Please Help

I was wondering, if I do not pay during the kickstarter event, is there anyway I can still pay “after” kickstarter is over to get access to beta in December?
Or do I have to pay now “before the kickstarter ends” to get beta as an only option?

@TechPigeon that is a question only the team can answer ^^
So best direct it at @Tom, @Ponder and @sdee, maybe using the KS-Page or the Stonehearth-Page to mail them directly.

Many thanks. Anyone else have any answers

Unfortunately there are no other answers, @Sheenariel is right, the question hasn’t been answered before and only one of the devs will be able to provide an insight.

It all depends on how they want to handle the payments post-Kickstarter.

MY personal experience, which is quite limited, tells me, that there might be with some luck an option for PayPal-payments to be extended. I know of at least one KS which had an extended period after KS for that.
But I doubt, even such an option would be a long extension though it would at least extend into the next month.

almost every KS campaign I’ve participated in, that included an option for Paypal shortly after it was initiated, left Paypal as an option for an equivilant number of days after the KS campaign concluded…

so, if Paypal was introduced 15 days into a campaign, the developers have typically left Paypal open for donations 15 days after the KS campaign concludes…

but this is entirely up to Radiant… :smiley:

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There will be a way to get into the beta after the KS is over, but we have no details as of yet as to timing or pricing, or whether that way will come with the KS rewards/tiers. We’ll keep the paypal option in mind. We want as many people to get the game as possible, but we’re also trying to minimize the amount of spreadsheet juggling we have to do-- and KS does a lot of it for us.


that is indeed one of the pain-points that another project im involved in had to contend with…

I don’t really have anything to say, but just wanted to draw attention to my 1000th bit of activity on the forums. That is all.


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Perhaps I should add this to new things in the Q & A? :new: Thoughts, feelings, opinions?

the means to add digital cake to a response, or the potential post Kickstarter paypal options? :smiley:

my vote is for both…

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sighs … I meant adding the :new: tag to new posts! Not cake, or the potential port Kickstarter paypal! Although I probably should add that …

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Radiant really likes your idea. Thanks! +5 Internet Points!

We’ve decided to leave the PayPal up for 2 weeks after the KS ends for all the people who would like to donate by the 29th, but can’t for various reasons.


Well when KS is over and done with Radiant could do preorders through paypal, so no special rewards anymore besides a warm and fuzzy feeling to have helped by preordering. Also lets assume you would have a 20$ preorder price, with the current scale the game will have you should at least start with a regular 25$ price if not way more, so 20$ preorders would even be at a good discount.
Maybe consider to also have a beta access preorder option and slap 5 or 10 more dollars on that, but only having these two things left and no rewards anymore should reduce the necessary organizational work to a minimum and would let you have continuous influx of money.

The pro point of doing such is that every hype moment generated on youtube and the beta playerbase will translate into sales, the negative point is that the hype boiler wont be filled with as much pressure on release date.
But having the hype boiler filled with too much nerdsteam is a dangerous gamble anyway, so you can guess what I suggest you to prefer :heart:

and to think my guidance counselor thought i would never amount to much! :smiley:

thats great news though… im sure many folks will be thrilled at the extended window… will the funds raised then will also contribute to the overall stretch goals? thats usually a tough call for most teams…