Paypal Through kickstarter



i just donated with paypal from the kickstarter site,
But it doesnt say i donated on kickstarter due to me doing it with paypal,
but how do i know ill get my stuff where i donated for ?

Greetz Bob


i havent personally donated via Paypal for any KS campaigns, but i’ve been a part of projects where donations are received via Paypal… basically the developers will have a transaction ID showing who donated, and at what level… they can then simply match the donation level from Paypal to what is offered on the KS campaign to make sure the user gets the access/goods, etc., based on their pledge level…


alright thanks! cuz i donated enough for the beta on december :smiley: can’t wait to play this game


you are quite welcome… but a word of advice - printout a copy of the “receipt” you have from Paypal for your records (showing the transaction ID, etc.), as i’ve seen plenty of folks who donate, and then months later, forget the email address they use for the donation, how much they donated, etc.

just think of it as a little beta insurance plan… :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks but i got it on 3-4 email adresses :smiley: i emailed it to a few safety adresses
and ill print it out aswell!

Thanks <3


Yes, we’ll e-mail the goods to the e-mail address associated with your paypal account.


LOLLLLL this advices shows that you have lots of experience with paypal and the main “human” issue xD