Email about Paypal donation?


when i first posted a topic about this people said that i would get an email from stoneheart.
Saying that they got my donation and how many and such and what tier!
They told me it took 2 weeks from then(this was over a month ago)
so i wanna know how do they know i donated through paypal now?
because i’m getting a bit worried i can’t play the beta when it comes out over a big 5 months!


hi @Tendaji … the only confirmation email you would have received so far, would be from PayPal (with the transaction ID, etc.)… radiant will have a record of everyone who has purchased (via the kickstarter, paypal and now humble bundle)…

everyone will (most likely) get notified via email as we draw closer to the beta, on just how they can access the client (depending on the available methods - direct download, steam key)…

so fear not, if you have the email from paypal, you should be all set! :smiley:

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@SteveAdamo might I recommend that someone pins this somewhere? I took a look at the FAQs posted by @Geoffers747 and they don’t seem to mention this. Just wondering since there have been a few new members asking this.

I’ll add it to the Q & A now, thanks Crobo.