Changed E-mail for kickstarter and site, concerned about beta

I currently lost access to my main e-mail and I updated all information to my current one. Will I still be able to receive both beta invites as I pledged $45?

Well, the easiest way to check is to see if you got the development update mail yesterday. If you did, I guess you will be fine. If not, you might have to find out how to change the e-mail.

@CTheRain Maybe you can provide a few details to guide you towards the right direction. How did you support Stonehearth, via Kickstarter or PayPal? Where did you update your information?

I pledged kickstarter and I got the news. So maybe I’m safe? :3

hi there @CTheRain … can you clarify that portion?

and as @voxel_pirate mentioned, if you can, let us know the method you used to pledge (paypal or kickstarter)…

in either case, a confirmation of sorts would have been sent to the email you used when pledging, and you will likely have to contact either kickstarter (amazon) or paypal to provide some proof of your purchase (credit card number, i would imagine)…

Ah sorry! I updated my e-mail on both kickstarter and the forums. I actually pledged $50 but I don’t know what method I used. It says on the kickstarter the payment confirmation cannot be sent again. But I’m still getting project updates from both the site and kickstarter.


ah, ok… makes more sense now… :smiley:

your best bet (initially) might be to simply reach out to Chris (… provide him with your original email that was used to make the pledge… perhaps he can tell you if the pledge was made via KS or PayPal, and you can go from there?

Found out I made the payment using amazon. I found the transaction and changed my e-mail to Amazon to my current e-mail. I contacted Chris yesterday, no message back just yet. So will I still be able to get my kickstarter rewards? :frowning:

if you have the transaction details from Amazon (and have already contacted Chris), you should be all set… you have proof of payment, and now its just a matter of having radiant know which email account to associate with the purchase… :+1:

Yeah I contacted him on kickstarter and through e-mail. Still no word though :3

@CTheRain have patience young Padawan. Our friends in the US are just waking up now… apart from Steve who suffers from insomnia :wink:.

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I’m in the US but I work 3rd shift :stuck_out_tongue:

… hm, that could be an amazing idea for Team Radiant, no? With some shift work they could live-stream 24/7 :wink:.


Still no word from Radian… :frowning:

i know you would like to have an official response, but as long as you have that transaction ID, i’m sure you will be just fine… fear not my friend, you’ll be enjoying Stonehearth with the rest of us (in the near future)… :smile:

Yeah I contacted Humble Bundle too and I’ve send 3 identical e-mails to them already. But… I had good news today at least…

Thanks though… Hopefully they’ll get back to me in time :\

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wow! congratulations!! :+1: :clap: :baby: