Need help with my pledge

I went onto the site today to see how things were getting on, so I went onto the Kickstarter page and looked at my backer status and apparently by $50 pledge failed, it doesn’t say why, just that it failed. Is there any way that I can confirm if my pledge went through and if it didn’t is there any way to fix it?

Have you checked the email address you used to sign up to kickstarter/ pledge with?

You should have received an email when kickstarter tried to take payment, that email should have been sent on May 30th. If it failed, it’s probably due to a payment error, either your card had expired, the details were incorrect, or there wasn’t enough money in your account.

Check your emails around 30th May … I think Kickstarter try and take payment a few times over a couple of weeks after a kickstarter ends so check between 30th May and 14th June.

Let us know what you find and we’ll go from there!

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welcome aboard @Nazgren… sorry its under these circumstances…

you are likely out of luck my friend (at least in regards to the $50 tier)… you can still certainly pre-order here though… but do check your email history as @Geoffers747 suggested…

After rooting through my emails apparently they did email me once, but the email must never have appeared on my phone or i would have corrected it. I Cant remember if i payed via card or paypal.

then the search continues! dig through your emails for something from PayPal (they end up in Spam quite often)…

if you can find a transaction ID, you are all set… good luck!

As @SteveAdamo has mentioned above I think you might be out of luck :frowning:

You could try contacting @CannonJunior as I know he has been handling this side of things for the team I can’t for the life of me remember which email is his … @SteveAdamo do you have it? Alternatively you could email the general Radiant one at -

Whilst I don’t want to seem like the bearer of bad news, my gut instinct would be that if the payment failed then there might be little they can do and you might just have to preorder through the humble bundle, but I might be wrong.

Do what @SteveAdamo suggested see if there are other emails, especially one from Paypal.

you were correct sir… @CannonJunior requested folks use that address:

Right, i’ve worked out what happened is I used my debit card to pay for it, but since Im in England my card provider didn’t like the fact that for the first time in at least 3 years i suddenly paid for something in america, so it bounced, so I used my parents Paypal and paid them back, that successfully paid. However I now have the problem of which of there emails I made the kickstarter on, I have the transaction ID on the Paypal email, who can I speak to to find out what email the ID belongs to? is it “Cannon junior” or the general radiant one?

Then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. As long as there was a successful transaction and you have the transaction ID …

Keep a hold of that for your records, perhaps forward it to your own email address for ease of access.

Contact and @CannonJunior will respond through it. Just tell him what you’ve told us, about the ID and what email it’s registered to and he’ll be able to help you :smile:

Thats the problem, i have no idea what email the payment is attached to, I would assume it is attached to my main email, but it may be attached to the email my parents have there paypal attached to. Should I send the email from my own or from theirs?

Sorry I think my wording was a little off.

Just send the email from yours, make sure you put your transaction ID in the email and just include your parents email address for good measure. It might make it easier to track down, I’m not sure how they search for orders.

He’ll be able to sort it all out for you :smile:

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i pretty confident @CannonJunior can assist with finding the email address associated with a PayPal transaction ID (cross matching)… just send it from either address, and explain the situation…

you should be good to go in no time… :smile:

TY for the help, will post back when its resolved, hopefully with good news

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Let’s hope so. You have the transaction ID so there’s nothing to worry about!

Just out of interest, do people normally receive a confirmation of payment from Radiants end? If not then a simple automated message could go a long way :stuck_out_tongue: it would have solved my problem.

Nope, no message from Radiant that payment has been received or that you have been recognized as a backer.

correct, not in regards to having made a pledge… but some folks who pledged for physical goods will receive emails (asking for sizes, etc.)…

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Apparently My transaction ID doesn’t match there’s, but the game is attached to my mums email, so the games will be sent there.

Well, at least that’s a result of sorts and a copy will be sent to an email you have access to :smile:

Hope that’s helped!

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so, what does your transaction ID correlate to? have you tried contacting PayPal to see what game the ID is associated with?

we’re intrigued now! :smile: