Pledge denied, do I still have a chance to back?

I was not fluent in Kickstarter methods and therefore made a mistake; so I assumed that the charge was placed when the pledge was made, and not at the end of the Kickstarter. So I received a message explaining how my $50 pledge was denied as I did not have the funds on my payment method at the end of the kickstarter and actual time of the charge. I will have the money in a day or so, but I was wondering if I would still be able to pledge that same amount and receive the perks that come with it (i.e. beta access, kitten, etc.)?

Hey Nebula, don’t worry! [url] You have 7 days to fix the payment [/url] on Kickstarter.

If you still can’t pay for whatever reason through kickstarter, Radiant are [url]accepting Paypal pledges [/url] for another 2 weeks so hopefully by then your situation will be fine to pay :slight_smile:

Your rewards won’t be affected in any way as long as you can get either of these payment methods to work within the time frame!


Great to hear! Thanks for the assistance Geoffers, you made my day!


for anyone in the UK who uses Barclays, best to ring them before you try to pay your pledge as they decided t put my card on hold n not authorise the payment (was a major pain)