Backing with Paypal?

Now that Kickstarter has reached 100% will you let us use Paypal ?
I am not able to use a credit card at the moment but would gladly send you my $30 via Paypal.
Thank you.

I do believe Kickstarters do not stop when they hit 100%, they areon a time limit, not a percentage limit. I have seen many kickstarters go far over their 100% mark. As to paypal, alternative payment methods on the site would be cool, especially if I have already given to kickstarter and want to give more (For example, I am a beta player and I love the beta so much I want to give you another $30). This could be implemented after the kickstarter closes for those who missed it.

Me too, I’m just waiting for it.

In many countries, credit cards are not nearly as popular as in the US. The PayPal way will give many people the possibility to send you money and become a backer. This will be a huge bonus.

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Aye - but if they don’t get everything they ask for, they get nothing - so most kickstarter projects don’t allow paypal until after they’ve already been funded.

So, now that stonehearth is >100% funded, there’s no reason not to do paypal now too :smile:

Check the Kickstarter page. At the time I write this they are at 113%
Kicktraq stats

We’re working on it! We’d really like to set up PayPal support but it’s a bit harder to track tiers through paypal than kickstarter. Basically, we want to make sure that when we get it up and running, we won’t lose all your data in the process. Stay tuned!

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Anddddd the Paypal store is up! See the giant button on the front page of the Kickstarter.

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Yeah, already pledged. happy happy smile smile

Excellent. You have my $30 from Paypal.

Hi, I have a quick question. I have pledged $50 through Paypal, however, after I pledged, I realised I hadn’t made an account and by extension, that there was no way for the developer to recognise that the payment was from me. Will I still receive my pledge tier? or is there something I have to do to get this?

Thanks in advance

Paypal is linked to an email account so I guess you will receive the game key through that particular email.

Yes, any transaction is associated with a name and an e-mail address.

I hope your mailing list is safe from hacking.

WATCH OUT OR SOMEONE MIGHT HAX IN SUM THOUSAND COPIES OF THE GAEM FOR DERE FRIENDS. If someone wants to get in and out, without being caught, and risk the jail time, for a game that takes $15 to get at full release right now, they are so strapped for cash they shouldnt be worried about games of any kind.

Thanks for the quick reply’s guys, Glad that this game has an epic community already :slight_smile:

Sadly, I am still missing the Titan-Tier on the paypal page :confused:

@sdee could you guys do daily or semidaily updates to let us know where the money’s at on paypal? I’m growing anxious not knowing how much more money we’re making!

you probably noticed earlier on the campaign page, but at last count, the paypal contributions were around 5k… which, at the time, pushed us over into the next stretch goal… :slight_smile:

@SteveAdamo is there an actual banner or something that gives us the money put into paypal? Or are you just making the observation that paypal gave us roughly 5k so far because it put us over the top for the dragon whelp?

It says on the Kickstarter page right under Stretch Goals.
“Paypal pledges to as of 5/10/2013 (these count towards our stretch goals): $4,757”