Paypal problem?

I recently paid for the Settler Tier, Beta Backer ($30) through paypal. I got a email from Paypal confirming my purchase, but when I checked my email today, I had got a email from Kickstarter stating:

"Hi there,

We noticed you did not complete your pledge to Stonehearth by Radiant Entertainment.

If you would like to complete your pledge but need help or wish to report an issue, please reply to this email. We’re happy to help! In your reply, let us know:

What the problem is

What error message you are receiving

At what stage of the pledging process you experienced this problem
These details will help us help you!

If you would like to try again, please click here. Note that you must continue all the way through the Amazon checkout process and back to Kickstarter for your pledge to be recorded. You can make a pledge with any major credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.

Thanks for your time and generosity,

Has my payment gone through? Paypal says it has, Kickstarter says otherwise.

Also, not related to this in any way: Will I still be able to get the dragon? I believe it mentioned kickstarter backers.


i had the same problem! but kickstarter doesn’t support paypal donations!
The makers of stonehearth will contact u on the email that is connected to paypal :slight_smile:
when u can get the beta and where to get it.

Kickstarter only supports Amazon payments. If you wish to use paypal you don’t make any notation on kickstarter itself. At the end of the drive Radiant will contact everyone who made a donation through paypal for confirmation as to what level they pledged and such.