I payed for the $30 Kickstarter but not getting the Confirmation email

I payed for the $30 kick starter. But when i go on to my Email. It dousnt show up. Can someone help me?

The email should be coming from “Amazon Payments”?

Did you pledge through the kickstarter?

Also, if you pledged with Paypal that will send you a confirmation of payment. Or did you check your spamfolder? Sometimes the spamfilter gets a little bitchy and stops stuff from a source it let through until a day ago (happened to me several times)

You only get a payment confirmation? Seems confusing. Also on Kickstarter it says i didn’t back any project(s).

I dont really get it. So if i payed for the $30 kickstarter. And you get a Beta version of Stonehearth. Where would i find the beta download?

And when the game actoully comes out. Where would i find the download for that? (I havnt really done a download from an email or somthing like that. I normally use Steam to buy games online :P)

The time-frame for the Beta version is December this year, I should imagine there will be an email go around, or some update on the website that will allow those who have backed at the appropriate tiers, access to the beta.

If you’ve pledged through the Kickstarter you’ll receive the pledge confirmation, but as far as I know, payment won’t be taken until the game is funded - which in this case is May 30th.

I assume once this happens you will receive an email to say that the game has been funded and payment has been taken.

As for downloading the game when it’s done - I assume that this will be done in a few ways. The game is on Steam Greenlight, so if it gets approved I should imagine steam keys will be provided (they have in the majority of situations like this) and then you’ll just be able to run it through steam.

Otherwise it could simply be downloading it from the website or something, I should imagine we’ll receive more information closer to the time,

Hope that helps!


Thanks Geoffers747 for telling me that. :smiley:

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And btw i checked on another post just today and someone said the alpha will be coming this year. At December :/. So i’m kinda side tract and don’t really know whats happening. But i will just keep reading what the home page says i guess. xD.

edit: Yeah i just checked out on the home page and read a bit and the alpha 1 is for the people who bought the beta. (Like me xD) And you where right Geoffers747. They’re gonna be having it come from steam or a direct download. But they are having some troubles with Steam right now. :confused:

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It’s good to know that my post back in May still remains true!

We were so young back then.

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It does seem like a very long time ago, even though it was only a few months back. I remember that when the kick-starter happened, I sat down and looked at how long we had till the alpha would be released. At that moment, a little part of me died.