Backing through PayPal

Hey guys,
I backed through Paypal and wondering about if I get a confirmation that I buyed it, not just the PayPal thingy?
Greets from Germany

I honestly don’t know since I did the Kickstarter, but from what I’ve read others say, you just get the Paypal receipt that you backed it. Nothing super special.

(This is not sarcastic) But I’ll give you a hug and say congrats on joining us!! hugs fellow German (I have German in my blood!)


Thanks bro,
I am feeling qutie welcome in the complete forum.

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hi there @bastiweb … welcome aboard! :smile:

if you received a PayPal confirmation ID, you should be all set… my advice, keep a copy printed out, and in one of your mail folders…

see you around the forums!

same over here.
i did it over paypal but the one with two copies.
now i dont know how two share it with my mate…will i recieve a email with the keys at the beta start?
i dunno…
cant find something usefull on the faq

edit: sry but its all new for me its my first game i want per kickstarter^^
(and sry for my bad english im also germen ._. )

No emails have been sent out as of yet, it’s still early days!

When they are sent out it’s safe to say there will be some simple way to share it with however you’ve decided to share the game with.

I imagine emails will be sent out at the start of the beta, or very shortly before.

welcome aboard @Noiza … as my esteemed colleague @Geoffers747 pointed out, radiant is still very early into the development of the game, and more information on delivery of the clients will be provided as we get closer to a beta release…

if you are familiar with Steam, keep in mind that Stonehearth was just greenlit, meaning there is a good chance that players will have a choice of how they get access to the game client… stay tuned for more! :smile:

oh, and fear not, your English is far superior to my German… or @Geoffers747’s Pig Latin…

Hi I am from germany too and i also backed through Paypal.
I think if we payed through Paypal they have our Paypal account name and our Email address so there will be no problem to get our keys. If you payed 50$ like me and get 2 key then I think you send your chosen one the other key by mail or maybe by Steam.

So much support in Germany for this game… But in all seriousness, they have email adresses for all backers, as @Moe2212 pointed out, so they’ll most likely send out an email survey to see what each person wants, Steam key or direct download, and then either give them a key or a direct download.


Hi, as the post implies, I have paid the $30 for the Settler Backer pledge, however last week I was going through my emails (I know its a bit late but I haven’t had much chance to be online) and realised that I have not recieved a confirmation email. My paypal account gives the full details of the purchase and where it went which was all legit, but no email has yet come back to confirm the transaction.

Now I have tried to contact Radiant about it, but the ‘contact’ option has that really daft auto-outlook pop up (which I do not use, and avoid like the plague).

Any help in sorting this would be great, I’m sure something has just slipped through the cracks as can sometimes happen.

That’s normal, there is no confirmation from Radient just the Amazon/Paypal/Whatever confirmation. No need to panic but next time I suggest checking the forums first as this would’ve been answered at least a half dozen times already.

welcome aboard @Hellvern… i’ve merged your thread here…

as was mentioned above, just hold onto that PayPal transaction ID email, and you should be all set… :smiley:

Wait, to get all the benefits from the Kickstarter, do you have to confirm and validate the transaction ID email?

no, you dont need to validate anything… my advice has just been to hold onto your PayPal confirmation emails, that have a successful transaction ID… its always best to keep records of your purchases, etc.

but radiant would have a corresponding record to match your transaction, which is what they will use to grant you access to the game, etc.


Oh good. I’ve just forgotten my password for my E-mail and I was worrying that I woudn’t get my benefits from the Kickstarter.

well… my advice would be to try and regain access to your email account (that was associated with the kickstater campaign)… you should have some sort of “forgot my password” option to get it reset (with an alternate email, or other means of getting back in)…

I’m very glad to have found this thread… I like most here also backed using the $30.00 Paypal option. I even talked a friend of mine into preordering! Glad to see that everything should be all good just having that paypal confirmation email. Really looking forward to the Beta when it’s ready!

indeed… welcome aboard @Phylos! :smile:

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Cheers all, I new things would be fine I just had to check. Personally I didn’t see this thread, my apologies on that, I did search, just clearly not very well!

Thanks again.


Well, I logged into my Kickstarter account and changed my E-mail. So, I am good to go! :smiley:

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