How to get alpha from buying through paypal?

Hey so when the kickstarter was up I backed through the paypal option $30 I backed and now that the alpha is out the post said to get your code from the humble bundle page but when i paid through payapl it never said anything about humble bundle so I have no idea how to get my keys can anyone help me?

Follow these steps: Download the Stonehearth Alpha (also, FAQ)!


Thanks @Warstories! Yeah just head through there.

Oh and welcome aboard @Toonarmy! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link hmmm for some reason when I enter my email it says thanks you will receive a email shortly but I have still not received one I will give it a while and hopefully will get it sorted I still have the email confirmation of payment. Also thanks @Smokestacks

Make sure the email you are putting in to the key sender is the same email you purchased Stonehearth with.

Ya I made sure its 100% the same but still no email very strange ill give it a while hopefully its just taking a while haha

Mine wasn’t instant when I did it, give it a bit and check your spam

Hmm odd, it might just take a little bit to come through, I assume you’ve checked your junk folder?

Unfortunately I don’t have access to purchase info, so if you’re still having difficulties you will need to contact Team Radiant (you backed during the Kickstarter right?) at

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Ya I always check my spam folder okay thanks ya I did back through paypal while the kickstarter was running and ya ill give it till tomoz if I still dont have a email then ill contact team radiant thanks.


No worries, keep us updated :thumbsup:

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and failing all else, you might also try reaching out to HB directly via with the email address you used for payment…

good luck! :+1:

Hey guys so I woke up this morning and checked my emails still nothing so I was about to contact the team via email and was half way through the email when I though might as well try 1 more time then 10 seconds later I had the email with my stonehearth keys and have now downloaded it on steam : ) thanks guys now im gona go play me some stoneharth XD