Buy Stonehearth for 30$ but no Key for the Alpha / Beta

Hello, i buy the Stonehearth package for 30$ this summer. But i dont become any Email or Key.

Please help me

Hello there! Don’t panic.

The game isn’t out yet.

The first alpha is scheduled for the second half of this month.

You will receive your key when it’s out.


welcome aboard @Ariaton! :smile:

as @Geoffers747 indicated, there is nothing to worry about… we should know much more about getting access to the client in the coming weeks, as we draw closer to the alpha 1 release…

do you have your confirmation email from either Kickstarter or PayPal? if so, you are all set for now… :+1:

Friendly suggestion - put a bit of a message on the Humble landing page that says the game is not out yet but when it is you can find the link :here:

Hm… you can access the page only by pressing a big “Pre-order Stonehearth” button and in the text on the pre-order page an “estimated release date” is mentioned. This should be not only a small hint that the game is not out yet, no?

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its not a bad idea, but given some other comments from the team, i’m not sure they have the option/ability to edit content on the HB side…

i do have a question: what if you want to buy Alpha 1 after it comes out can you or do you have to wait?

I cannot guess what they will do after release of the Alpha, but if they follow suit of most other pre-order type business, the price will probably go up. It would only make sense to give the people who pay in advance a discount, and people who wait until it’s released the normal price. It is however only alpha, or pre-release so the price should be less than the price for the finished game. I haven’t heard anything officially however.

edit: unless they do like planetary annihilation which charges way more for alpha, less for beta, and even less for release.

It is already more expensive to buy alpha then to buy full release. So I dont see your point.
It was the same for planetary annihilation. Just pricing stuff the same as their kickstarter.

My point was I’m not sure what they’ll do. I don’t think they will offer people the same price for final release as they did on the Kickstarter. It would be a smack in the face for people who pitched in early, only to find out they could have paid the same thing after it was released. It is the dichotomy of Kickstarter and pre-release. In general you want to charge less for paying early, like pre-ordering a game, or buying early access, one of the things that made Minecraft very successful. But when you do a Kickstarter you have to make different backer levels so obviously you reserve alpha and beta access to the higher levels. These two things contradict each other, and you end up with problems like Planetary Annihilation did with a backlash from the public for charging $90 for alpha. When put in to perspective of the Kickstarter it made sense, but form the perspective of pre-ordering a game it didn’t.

the campaign was the only time where additional “benefits” were offered to their backers… as it stands now, new backers can purchase early access ($30) or the public release ($15)… i dont see any reason why they would discontinue the early access pricepoint, even after the alpha drops… not until up to the actual public release next year (where it simply wouldnt make any sense to keep the option)…

this is all speculation of course…

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I was referring to this. This is clearly already not the case with the current pricing.

While that minecraftmodel might be good for minecraft. He got his initial money with that to quit his dayjob and fund the development. Radiant already has this money from kickstarter to not need a dayjob and fund further development. And more people bought minecraft after launch then before. I would think that pricing did not matter much with minecraft as it is just a ridiculous fun game. Worth it even at full price.
I agree tho that full release price should not be cheaper then pre-order price.