Download the Stonehearth Alpha (also, FAQ)!

Hey Everyone!

If you’ve pledged to support Stonehearth, you can download the Stonehearth Alpha from your very own Humble Bundle page. All pledgers will use the same process, whether you backed us through Kickstarter, Paypal, or the Humble Bundle widget on

Here’s how to access your download page:

Step 1: To get your game key, Click this link and enter the e-mail address you used to purchase the game.

Step 2: You will receive an e-mail containing your download page link (along with any other Humble Bundle keys associated with that e-mail address):

Step 3: Hit up the link and admire your personal Stonehearth download page:

Note: The specifics of the page may change based on whether you backed during the Kickstarter or after, and the amount which you pledged for the game. In particular, only Kickstarter-era backers (May-June 2013) get the friend gift key.

TIP from Humble Bundle: It is recommended that you keep your download page URL somewhere safe or “claim” the page (so that it gets saved under your Humble account, if you have one).

Questions? See the FAQ below!



Stonehearth Alpha Download FAQ:

1) I followed the steps above but Humble Bundle did not recognize my e-mail address and I can’t get to the download page. What do I do?

Humble Bundle does not yet have pages for people who pledged at the $15 and $25 Kickstarter levels, or for the people who pre-ordered the game but not the beta. So if you’re in that bucket, don’t worry, your pages will be up closer to release time.

If you pledged at $30+, Humble Bundle is uniquely identifying you by the e-mail address you used to purchase Stonehearth. So if you pledged during the Kickstarter, double check that the e-mail you’re using to get your download page is the same e-mail that’s registered with either your Kickstarter account or your Paypal account. If you bought the game after, then you should use the e-mail address you used in that Humble Bundle widget.

If you’re sure you’re using the right e-mail address, email with your name, the e-mail you pledged with, and forward, if you still have, it, whatever confirmation e-mail you got from Kickstarter/Paypal/Humble Bundle to confirm that your pledge was received. We’ll work together to figure out what happened, so the more data you can send us, the better.

If you’re one of the few people who contacted us after the Kickstarter because you lost your original e-mail account or needed to change where we contact you under, and are not able to get your page via the new account you told us to use, our poor meat processors (and giant spreadsheet) may have misplaced you. If so, send us more mail at (preferably with your original request included) and again, we’ll try to figure out what happened.

**2) Ok, I’m at the Humble Bundle download page, but I’m seeing a different reward tier than what I signed up for. What should I do? **

First, don’t panic! Second, grab your towel. Third, keep reading.

If you pledged more than $75, all your digitally downloadable rewards are the same as the $75 tier, so that’s where Humble Bundle put you. Your additional rewards (physical and game-design-related) will be either mailed or communicated to you separately by Radiant. So if this is you, you’re at the right page, and can go ahead and download the build.

If you pledged less than $75, or pledged multiple times via Paypal and did not get the reward tier(s) that you were expecting, please do not download anything from the page you were wrongly assigned. Instead, gather your Kickstarter/Paypal/Humble Bundle store e-mail receipts from when you first pledged, and confirm that you really did sign up for the tier(s) you remember signing up for.

Remember, if you redeemed a gift copy of Stonehearth then you will not see any Kickstarter rewards (but the person who gifted you the key will). Fear not, you will still receive the rewards.

If you are the main backer yourself and are not seeing the rewards on your humble page then first make sure you have received the same tier that you backed. If your Humble page is showing an incorrect tier gather your receipts and purchase information.

Once you have confirmed and collected, send mail to with the receipt data and the tiers you actually wanted, and we’ll try to get everything fixed up.

In particular, if you pledged multiple times through Paypal, and sent us no instructions as to whether you meant to combine your pledges for a higher tier or get multiple lower tiers, we may have defaulted to something different than what you intended. If so, please take a moment to visualize us sitting in front of a giant spreadsheet, diligently poking at cells, before sending your corrective e-mail.

3) My Kickstarter/Paypal e-mail address is different from my Humble Bundle e-mail address. How can I make Stonehearth show up in my Humble Bundle account?

Use your Kickstarter/Paypal email address to get to the Stonehearth download page. Then, you can use the “claim this page” button in the upper right corner to associate this page with your Humble Bundle account.

If you’ve still got questions, please e-mail the gracious folks at:

4) The download page/link doesn’t work!

Please contact Humble Bundle directly at

5) Since I pledged at $25+ during the Kickstarter, I should be getting 2 copies of Stonehearth, one for me and one for a friend. How do I get my friend their copy?

On the download page, there is a big white box that says Stonehearth Gift Key. Send the link inside to your friend.

If you accidentally clicked on the link yourself, and then entered your own e-mail address, and got a link to a second download page, you can still give this to a friend. Just send them the url of that second page and tell them to use the button in the upper right corner to claim it to themselves. If they don’t have a HB account, they can also use the “change e-mail” link in the lower left corner of the page.

If you’ve somehow managed to claim (using the claim button) both the first download page AND the gift download page… email to get this sorted back out.

6) I’m late to the game! Can I still get access to the alpha?

Yes, if you would like to donate now, you will get access to the alpha immediately.

7) If I download from the humble bundle store, will I still be able to download the game on steam?

Yes, your Humble Bundle download page will have a big green box on it that says “Generate Steam Key”. Hit the button and copy the key into your steam client in order to play the game on steam.

8) Can I use one key multiple times? Because I would like to install the game on more than one machine.

Yes, you can download it to as many computers as you like.

9) Help! I bought the $30 tier during the Kickstarter, and the first e-mail was correct but when I clicked the redeem link on the gray page, I got another e-mail and a link to the $15 tier instead!

You’re actually OK! The $30 Kickstarter tier comes with a free version of the $15 tier you can give to a friend. When you got to the first gray page, the one that said “Congrats, $30 tier on it” that’s the place you should return to download your copy of Stonehearth Alpha 1. The white box on that page is actually the gift link you can give to a friend.

Since you clicked on that link (perhaps thinking it was the redeem link) you’ve also redeemed that second $15 to yourself. But that’s OK! You can still give this page to a friend by sending them the url to it. Then tell them to hit the “claim this page” link to add it to their Humble Bundle account.

10) I paid $30 but I don’t see a friend key on my download page. What gives?

If you pledged after the Kickstarter ended, (after June of 2013), you are no longer eligible for the Kickstarter era rewards which include the extra friend copy.


Hey I just did everything above, but then i thought what about my buddy ? I bought the 45$ Beta buddy pack, but only received one key?

If you visit the humblebundle page you should notice an additional gift link at the bottom.
For me it shows me a “Stonehearth Beta Access Gift Key” that I can give to someone else :slight_smile:


Glad it worked! If you got to the last page, and you’re at the $45 Tier, there’s a white box that says: Stonehearth Beta Access Gift Key. You basically send the link inside to your friend and that’s how he gets his beta copy.


@sdee… something else we can toss in the FAQ… :+1:

edit: note, the gift area is visible in step #3 and question #5 above…

edit #2: cherry-picked a few questions from the comments, and added them to the FAQ (#9, #10)…


@sdee, what do you do when you get your game key?

Was about to post a rant here about mass networked systems, especially for purchases, since I couldn’t find my key, but I was just using the wrong e-mail.

EDIT: I can play the game now! Huzzah!

P.S. (Not to say I can play the game, I have the ability to, once it is released)


@EpicDwarf for the moment you can access the page shown under #3. If you see this page, you are fine, i.e. your E-Mail works. On that page you can cross-check if you see the right tier-level and (depending on your tier) you can find the gift- / buddy-key which you can share with a friend.

Once the Alpha is available you should find also the download-link there… but not now.


you almost broke the internet with those words my friend… :wink:

yup, going to add this to one of our canned responses going forward… thanks for doing the legwork @voxel_pirate! :smile:


worked for me, however, my awesome overly high powered system crashed, and im back to using a 2005 xp system T.T im hoping ill be able to run this with only 1 GB of ram

Oh dear … unfortunately people on the forum who are running XP have ran into a few issues running the graphics tests … I’m not sure whether these will be resolved for the Alpha 1.

So what do I enter as name on the “Redeem your gift” page? just my full name?

Which is the ‘Redeem your gift’ page sorry?

Do you mean this one?

Edit: Now that I’ve thought about it … is it that you’ve been sent a gift link and are wanting to claim it?

Just enter your details like you normally would! :slight_smile:

Just need to know if its some kind of username etc. Don’t want to be stuck with a name because I just typed it in.

Oh, it’s for the Humble Store, it’s not an in-game name or anything, it’s the Humble Store username I think? So just enter your normal name.

Might just have claimed a gift key for myself… Didn’t quite understand everything… guess I got 2 copies for myself now, that kinda suck.

If you have used the same E-Mail you can try to approach Humble Bundle and explain the mistake…