Alpha General Questions [the common stuff goes here]!


Try going to your video cards website and grabbing the drivers there instead of from your softwares auto updater. If that doesn’t work, try disabling your anti virus and reinstalling the game, then running it,before enabling your anti virus again


I’m sorry if this has been stated before in this thread, but… What I find frustrating is the random numerous crashes. I’m assume this is a bug, and I’ve learned to save often. I just hope this is fixed within the next few updates. ^^’’


hey there @willyT141 … welcome aboard! :smile:

if you are having persistent crashes, feel free to submit a bug report here, making sure to include things like the version of the game you’re running and your system specs… :+1:


Thanks much, monsieur. :smile:


I can not launch the game. It has been 4 days since i purchased it for 30.00 from humble bundle. no one has responded until 40 min. ago. humble bundle can do nothing!! can somone please help? I am not good on a pc and get frustated trying to find a reply in the forums. can someone e mail me personally to help.

Thank you,


hey there @jsnhll02 … sorry you’re having such a difficult time…

have you tried the steps, as outlined here?

failing that, i’m sure someone from Radiant can help get you squared away…

paging @sdee


Steve, personal email. Unless you did, in witch case, good for you.


when will i be able to buy stonehearth through steam


You can buy the alpha ATM via, but for early access / beta etc… I’d guess the middle of spring 2015, and the full game in Q4 2015.


I’ve tried asking about this in the past, though I was trying through the reddit.Is there any chance we could, in the future, get a keyboard button for zooming in and out?

I play on a system without a mouse wheel most of the time, and it would be cool if I didn’t HAVE to have a mouse wheel to play the game. I’m sure I’m not entirely alone.


I think we need fully switchable controls… sorry Radiant…


I’m sure we’ll see more and better control over keybindings & such in the future… ATM though I think it’s a case of priorities: is it more important to add in a keybind UI, or mining (for example)?


Are you ever going to change the name? blizzard has a game called hearthstone so the name is kind of cheesy lol


If I’m not mistaken, Stonehearth was named first. Plus the developers have already stated they don’t have plans to change it.


To be honest I doubt it’ll hurt sales of Stonehearth :wink: .


Radiant Entertainment had the name Stonehearth well before Blizzard Entertainment decided to use HearthStone…

no issues to be concerned with here… :smile: :+1:


Shouldn’t this post be updated to “Alpha 7 General Questions”


we typically change this once the stable client has been released… :+1:


I have a Question i play alot of such games like DF and there is just 1 thing all i can think of have in common which rlly bugs me: i cant leave the place i settled in, you cant make another settlement somewhere else
and exchange goods with each other since 1 place got iron and the other got
like coal or rare healing herbs or plenty of food.
Or even just sending out some of you villagers/soldiers to attack an enemy base which raids you alot
or just exploreing/trading getting some magic gear in hostile terretory like a cave or a
Dungeon/Tempel or finding some place to harvest wood since you used up most at ur City.
i just have such a limmited feeling after iv managed to build a stable city but that might just be me =)
im awere iv thats a thing it will be in the far future i just intrested iv there will be so mutch freedom to it.


hey there @Bainin … welcome aboard! :smile:

everything you are describing will be eventually implemented, as the game progresses… stay tuned! :+1: