Suggestions for Alpha 8-10

What kind of aspects as far as gameplay goes for alpha 8 to 10 would you like to be added into the game. Classes, default building templates, enemies, different npcs and so on and so forth. I would love to see them and reply to them :smile:


for alpha 8 i know it have to be focused on mining and what we could gain from there. More functions to the Shepard should be coming or so i think.

Here are the things i want in this alpha:

Stairs tool, like the roads tool, but made only for making stairs.
Fence tool, for place fences in draw shape

For Alpha 9 i think that the works on the mining/blacksmith will permit this one be focused on fight. So new class “archer” and new types of enemys may come in this one.

Here are the things i want in this alpha:

At least 2 types of weapons and armors for each fighting class
Better patrol rotes
more control for military units

1° and 2° tiers for tools. like the workers start with wood or stone tools and get upgraded with iron or others

In Alpha 10 i hope building is the main focus and all the tools you get upgraded and multilevel structures will be implemented

for this one, i want more building templates for military use, like a watch tower


I think water should be started. Its the last real core item that needs to be done. Also I would like to see the professions cleaned up so we can mod them without needing jelly.


I agree on all of those opinions they are very valid and have a good chance of being implemented into the game. But remember through all things considered and implemented there are consequences for instance bugs and malfunctions. But they can all be fixed in due time, I love your ideas my friend.

Yes water a must have in these types of games as it adds depth and backbone to city-building games and survival games. I do hope though that with this new water aspect to the game (if they are to add it) that it can branch off from there with buildings like a water mill which they used in the middle-ages to grind weat into grain and turn it into bread. There are many things to be done though. I fully agree :smile:

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I believe I heard Tom mention them refining combat starting alpha 8. I’d love to see some of that!


indeed… combat and mining are going to be “expanded” in A8… can’t wait!

interested to see what will be streaming this evening as well… :smile:


one of my own personal details that I would like for them to add to the game is. When they add shields I hope they make the design patterns on the shields randomised just to add a touch of variety.

I think you will be happy with Alpha 8 :smile:


Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I’ll shed a little light on this subject. At a very high level, these are our areas of focus for the next two alpha. These are not exhaustive lists, but will give you an overall theme for each release.

Alpha 8

  • Mining content (underground stone, ore, etc)
  • The Blacksmith
  • Better control of military

Alpha 9

  • World content (make the world itself a more interesting place)
  • The Archer

you teaser, now you really made me anxious for the alpha 8 right now


Awesome! Very excited for this. Keep up the good work

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@Tom any chance of professions getting cleaned up so we can mod in our own again?


world content?!? color me intrigued! :smile: :+1:

and our first ranged combat unit! that opens up a whole host of new situations… :smiley:

can you clarify what you’re asking about here? I’m not sure I follow… are you referring just to the basic idea of adding an entirely new custom class (making that process simpler)?


As of right now you have to use jelly to mod in new professions because the promotion screen is hard coded to the professions the radiant have made. Any attempts to add new professions without altering the promotion screen (and the only way to do that ‘easy’ is to use jelly) gives you an error that prevents the new class from working.


does that include water?

[quote=“Tom, post:10, topic:9504”]

  • The Archer
    [/quote]yayyyy that’ll give more depth definitely and walls will be so good

does that include adding new enemies? as im thinking of starting work on a mod that adds some new enemies.

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Thank you so much Tom I had just made this account last night and its amazing what can happen when the community comes together. :smile:

bah! where are my manners? welcome aboard! :smile:

and yes, you’ve joined a wonderful community, supporting a fantastic group of indie developers… :+1:


Yes well thanks again I do hope you can do most of these suggestions because the potential here is incredible man I love it. :sunglasses: