Experiences and Suggestions Alpha 11

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New to the community here, figured I’d throw out a couple of the experiences I’ve had with the game after having 24 hours worth of play time as well as some suggestions I’ve been thinking of while playing. I suppose I’ll jump right into it.

I put off buying the game for awhile since I wasn’t too sure I’d like it, or play it.

I love the game, it tends to my creativeness (kind of, more on that in a second) as well as being a fun and interesting game to play. I love the voxel style and I cannot wait to see what else will be added. It reminds me of Age of Empires mixed with Cube World.

My Experiences Thus Far

My play style is usually: No cheating. OCD friendly. I love customization.

I have 24 hours worth of play time on the game so far, however, most of it has been mainly gathering resources and fighting off goblins. Referring back to when I said the game tends to my creativeness, I’ve not been able to build a complete custom building (usually the workers stop halfway). I understand the game is in alpha and bugs are to be expected, so as of now, no big deal. I’ve basically gone into making a cave sort of village, with most of the pathways being inside the mountain and houses being on the surface.

I jumped in with very high ambitions I think. I first attempted to construct an INN, which, without a building tutorial, was confusing. After watching a couple building videos, I figured I had it down, but something that plagues me even now happened. None of the buildings ever got finished, workers seemed to just forget about them. I’m actually very, very envious of pictures I’ve seen where buildings are fully finished. I can build the template buildings, but I’d like to make my own, more complex builds.

I have a few of them, some that may have already been mentioned.

Locks for beds, doors, maybe ladders. Being able to lock out certain villagers or vise versa from using them. I’d like my blacksmith to live in his smithy, be it in a basement or a loft area, but I don’t want a villager to decide that nap time is the blacksmith’s bed.

Build Areas
This is more complicated to explain. I feel like a lot of the time when I’m building, sections actually get disconnected from the main build. 1 building ends with Building #5 being the floor, when I want it to just be 1 whole, big building. This might be just a lack of knowledge of building tools. However, I feel like designating a build area (sort of like stock piles or farms) would help so the building is sort of saved while you build and nothing gets sectioned off, anything built in that area would be a part of that build. After the build is finished, you can confirm the build is done and once it’s confirmed, you can build above or around it.

Loot (Gather) Button
I think I’m just confused as to why it’s under the fighting tab, or why it only pertains to “other players loot”. I start with a temporary stockpile most of the time, with plans of making a neat and orderly OCD stock house. This means I have to rely (or hope) that my workers will be smart enough to pick up resources after I’ve deleted a stock pile. More often than not, they aren’t. I’ve had a huge pile of wood left from deleting a stockpile, and my only solution of a nice green field is to destroy the items.

Roll Villagers Stats Only
Very minor, but I’d like to be able to scroll through the list of available villagers and lock the ones I’d like to use when rolling.
I like the random stats. They make for interesting and varying game play. I also like being able to name my villagers after my friends, or in recent events, my twitch viewers. However, rolling their physical traits is slightly annoying. I typically name my characters that match what my friends look like, but that means rolling multiple times in order to get a set that matches.

Mine Carts
Just thought of this, it would be really neat to be able to have mine carts in a mine shaft for quicker travel throughout the mine.

I’m still enjoying the game, albeit my current game is throwing out massive amounts of errors after I attempted to build a wall and I haven’t been able to finish a custom building. I’m still very excited to see what can be built and build massive villages. Thanks for reading! :smiley:


Well, I guess I’ll have a look-see here…

Interesting concept. Seems a lot less micro-managey than clicking a bed and assigning it to someone. Also, maybe it could have some later-game functionality like protecting from invaders and thieves?

I approve of zis. The only issue I can see here is the fact that later, when we have character traits that effect hearthlings visual appearance, things might get muddled up.

hey there @DibJib … welcome aboard! :smile:

I think there are a few folks who initially experience the same frustration… I don’t recall having heard anything official (in regards to tutorials), but I imagine we could see something similar to what the player sees when first launching a new game…

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I didn’t even know character visual appearance due to traits was going to be a thing. :neutral_face: I suppose that could get in the way, depending on how subtle, or not, the visual appearances change

Thanks! :smile:

The building isn’t too complicated which might be why no actual tutorial exists, It reminds me a lot of the sims build mode. I sort of like having to learn things as I go anyways really. Less hand holdy in my opinion. But a couple of tip bubbles couldn’t hurt :wink:

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Instead of mine carts, here’s what you do.
Make a bunch of crates. Move the crates to the mouth of (or into) your mine. Set 'em to only have rock/ore. Fill 'em up. Move them to wherever you need them. I think I had about 40 large crates by my Blacksmith building at one point. It’s a good way to collect wood and get it to a construction site, too.

Yeah, or that. I think just the mental image of the villagers riding the mine carts is what appeals to me more than function, that and faster transportation :smile: