My Alpha 8 Experience and Thoughts

Hi All!

I just wanted to stop by the community to say hello again and to relay my experience playing through this Alpha and outline my thoughts/suggestions. Hopefully they can be of some help as development goes along.

When I found out Alpha 8 came out today I was so excited to get into it. I have played for all the previous ones but I couldn’t get too into it without a crash or feeling like I didn’t have any more to do. This was the first alpha I played for several hours (about 2-3) without feeling like I ‘ran out’ of things to do. So congrats! I love seeing this game develop.

ANYWAYS, I was trying to collect screenshots of my end town when I was feeling done-ish and my game crashed and I was unable to save it… so that was frustrating but expected. I was having a lot of issues saving… whenever i would hit save nothing would happen but ‘overwrite’ gave me a confirmation and then nothing would happen.

When I had about 10-12 villagers and several houses/dining room/farms and a mine going I noticed my performance drop drastically. Almost unplayable. I know optimization comes way later but as you add more and more into this game I can imagine it will get harder to try all this content if it becomes really hard to play. I have a pretty decent computer as well… 8gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti, Six Core processor 3.30 GHz

Other Things I wish I had:

  • A way to know how much “stuff” I had. Like an inventory screen that
    would tell me how many types of different ores etc. I spent a lot of time
    counting my stockpiles of the different types. Just would be nice to
    see in once place. (let me know if i’m an idiot and couldn’t see
    that I know there was one for furniture…)

  • I had a hard time building different things… for example I wanted
    to build the basic armor (bronze I think?) and I was counting how
    much bronze and tin and cooper I needed and sometimes my guy would be
    stuck at tin because i didn’t have enough raw materials. I wish if he
    didn’t have enough he would go to the second thing in his queue
    instead of standing idle for a long time until I noticed.

  • Sometimes the shop owners would get stuck and I had to close shop,
    remove everything from the queue and then reopen and they would start
    working again.

  • One simple thing is I wish I knew which way of the different
    workshops need to be ‘faced out’ or which side the villager interacts
    with. As I move the workshops inside I always inevitably put the
    workshop side the villager uses against the wall and they don’t do
    anything until I realize and flip it around. This could go for other
    furniture ie. the beds where I always place those upside down as
    well. Just something simple like an arrow etc.

I apologize if all/some of these have been suggested before but I just wanted to do my little part in giving some feedback at this stage of the game. :slight_smile: As I said before this was the first alpha I felt like I could really ‘dive’ into and I am SO EXCITED to see how this develops from here on out. Also if I posted this in the wrong area please let me know. :wink:

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Click the blue banner at the bottom middle of the screen labeled “Town Info”. At the bottom of that window is a tab labeled “Inventory”. Shows all the items you have in your stockpiles.
Some of the items are missing icons or are miscategorized. But there you go.

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Under the Blue banner in inventory.

You can go to the workshop and move up an item to prioritize instead of letting him set idle. (still alpha, they will probably let him do this on his own while he wait for mats)

Quick fix, that worked for me on this, put all villagers in party, set up a guard point and if they get stuck, hit defend town. It work about 80% of the time to unstuck villagers.

Craft an item before moving the shop. look at where they work from and know how to set it up in the areas you want.

It would be REALLY helpful if, at the crafting screen itself, it displayed how much of each material you needed to craft a particular item, and how much you have of it - and not just the material’s name like currently.

For example right now “mean bed”, you have an icon of a single block of wood, right? I’d like it display something like “(picture of wood) (A/B)” A being how much you need to craft depending on how many you selected and B being the amount you currently have in inventory. So if you have 100 wood in stock and clicked the “increase quantity” button a bunch of times until you had 5 beds selected, it should display “(picture of wood) (5/100)”

This way you can see right away how many you need in total to craft 5 beds, and how much you currently have on hand. Another basic example is smelting ore with the blacksmith: I don’t know how many ingots of copper I can craft, right now I have to open up the inventory and scroll to where the copper ore is to see how many I’ve got. It gets repetitive real fast when I want to keep my blacksmith busy by smelting all my ore. I have to check the inventory for each type, close it, queue the order, then reopen the inventory to look for the next type of ore, etc.


I do know they plan to add something like that to let you know how much mats you have at the crafting screen. it has been talked about.