Alpha 11 Suggestions

Much better than A:10 But needs much more tweaks.

  1. Cook needs more recipes.

  2. Need bigger threats around 20 citizen’s

  3. Food progresses to slow or sometimes to fast to keep up with net worth.

  4. Goblin’s should not run, it takes away from the threat of attacks.

  5. bigger worlds and NPC Villages you can rival or side with.

  6. In the town Info tab please add number of citizens. (Helps with calculation number of needed beds)

  7. You have to add walls to the custom building menu saves time and that way I can make strip mall style crafting shops.

  8. Online multiplayer.


I can see the others being fit into some of the next alpha’s but do you comprehend how much work these 2 would take to add at this point? O_o


Actually other devs who don’t have as much cash have implemented this. And dude it’s still alpha the put multiplayer in minecraft in alpha not pre-alpha

This game needs to be at the top of it’s prime by release, that’s how I see it and just building towns can get boring that’s why larger maps and other towns you can take over would be a much better touch than just sitting there.

a lot is yet to be implemented, so just be patient and lots of the things you suggested will be coming.

[quote=“Larendunj, post:1, topic:14720”]
Online multiplayer.
[/quote]this indeed will be coming, though it will be further down the line, they want the game to be well rounded before adding it.

[quote=“Larendunj, post:1, topic:14720”]
In the town Info tab please add number of citizens. (Helps with calculation number of needed beds)
[/quote]you actually already can,

  • green is workers (and trapper, and possibly others)
  • anvil is crafters
  • blue is military

Thank you very much all mighty crab god

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no problemo, im here to help! (i say that way too often…)

[quote=“Larendunj, post:6, topic:14720”]
all mighty crab god
[/quote]im tempted to change my title to that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Honestly change it to Almighty God of Crab People or just Almighty Crab God

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i’m really tempted to, but i rather like being a Senior Support Crab, especially be cause it was my “given” title.


Moar of everything :smiley:

Yeah, I want more of everyhting BUT what I really need are hearthling that build the stuff I designe.
Sooo get rid of the hearthling worker/builder union, please.

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Minecrafts code was a mess untill they uptimissed it half a year ago because they kept adding stuff to it without sorting out the code.


The funny things is, you’ve just mentioned everything Radiant is working on.


I’ve also been confused a bit with online multiplayer. I mean, I get how you could hook up a world with a friend or two, and thus, be actually able to arrange specific times at which you and your friends could play, but what about total strangers? What would happen when one person got on but the other didn’t? Would the offline person’s town just be completely unacssesible? This is what has always bugged me about online multiplayer, and, honestly, this subject deserves a fourm topic of it’s own to discuss.


there are quite a few out there, but right now i dont have time to link you to a whole bunch. (sorry)

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Most of what you suggests is already in the to-do list.
See the roadmap here :


Simple you connect to a network and you can offer trades and such while they are offline they can accept them when they come online, but when both parties are online you can send demands so you can accept or deny them (pre-set amount) if deny an attack on their town can be made.

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yet the problem comes in with, do you have separate worlds or the same shared world?

Shared world, that way you can send horse and wagons with guards to defend from goblins and possibly the other town.

but then the problem is, what happens with the other players town when they arent on? it could become a kind of “messy” situation…

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No because both players have to be on during battle/war and that flag you start out with you can make that white for surrender. and that players town cannot be attacked by other towns, goblins, or invaders while they’re away, it’s villagers sleep or finish work. And if a player leaves game mid battle, they lose.

War’s will play out like this, run in kill guards raid stockpiles and claim town as your own. That play either ends game or makes a new tow and if they end game a new player comes in. (War’s cannot be started until you have 5 footmen. (a player cannot change jobs of any citizen during a war) I have thought this through extensively.

[{Edit}] Sorry I keep noticing typo’s.