Bug reports + Suggestions

First off the alpha is great. Very optimized unlike most games out there. But the alpha has a few bugs.


  1. Item clipping, you can build tables and chairs into structures and other craftables.
  2. Workers stopping randomly and not finishing work.
  3. Wood counter going negative even when wood is on the ground.
  4. Holes in houses that get built and completed.
  5. Unable to remove starting stockpile and crafting table stockpile.


  1. Add a system where you can assign jobs to settlers like in Dwarf Fortress or Gnomoria.
  2. Customizable keybinds because I love WASD to move around in games like these.

Probably already been talked about but just putting it out there.

Concerning the bugs, all of them have already been reported here and on this forum too. Concerning the suggestions there have been talked too, maybe this thread will be merged with another if we decide so. Could you change the category to ‘Suggestions’ ?

thanks for the feedback! it would be best though, to log each bug into its own separate thread (easier to manage)…