Avairian's Alpha 4 Feedback and Suggestions

Hey there everyone, Avairian here. :smiley:

Instead of creating multiple suggestion and feedback topics I figured I’d just post them all in one place so I can kind of talk about what brought about these thoughts and ideas while playing the newly released Alpha 4.

  1. I suggest that the game should be paused while in the title screen, map selector, and while placing the flag. While I’m hunting for a good spot or the game is taking a little longer to load I’ve noticed that sometimes time has flown by so quickly before placing my flag that my villagers stay up all night and go to sleep in the morning. I hired hard working workers, not hooligan teenagers! :laughing:

  2. I’m loving the way the new workshops work. With the removal of the outbox it seems to cause less confusion to my villagers when moving items around. This an the ability to move the workbenches is a godsend. Finally I can give my carpenter a well deserved home and plow over his historical starting location to make way for my fancy garden or market (hint hint, testing @Pandemic’s mod ;P) Medieval corporate greed at it’s finest!

3)Now that my carpenter and weaver can now have a nice home I have noticed something else. We now need the ability to remove items from the world and place them back in the stockpile. My weaver is very greedy and bribed the carpenter to make her a comfy bed. However since she has her own bed she is quite confused. I tried tricking her by stealing her bed while she wasn’t looking and replacing it far from my town, but now she just sleeps on the floor and cries herself to sleep. . . :cry: (The ability to assign beds would also be helpful. :smiley:)

That is some of the feedback and suggestions I have right now. I’ll update this little log of sorts if I come up with some other little adventure driven suggestions. :smiley:

P.S. @SteveAdamo I’m having just the absolute worst time tying to pick a category to put this in. If you have a better idea feel free to change it. (Not that you need my permission anyways. :fearful: xD)


Good ideas!
These two topics seem to fit in nicely with your suggestions:

  1. Option for Auto Pause
  2. Return items to the stockpile

P.S. Will the Nihonjin mod be continued with your partnership with Pandemic?

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I absolutely agree with all your suggestions (especially like the pause during “setup”) … and would change the category accordingly, but that option is unfortunately not available via my phone… :smile:


I agree with all of these as well. Also, poor weaver! …Kinda.

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Currently, you can move items to another place, but you can’t remove them from the world. I hate having a build up of mean beds after I get nice comfy ones, with nowhere to place them. I think you definitely need to be able to remove items from the world entirely and either put them back into a stock pile, destroy them, or sell/ give them away in exchange for wealth or other materials. Maybe you could send one of your workers off to trade with other people, just like traders come to your town.

hey @corwin … I thought I would toss this in here… although, I thought for sure we had a thread that dealt with this specifically (I know its been mentioned before on a number of occasions)…

still… seconded! :+1: