My small feedback and suggestions

I have some suggestions and stuff that bugs me a little bit.
I do not know if some are things planed or if the devs think about it.

Autosave feature, must be in the game, yeah yeah you know about this :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to see the gender of my villagers in the overview, since names do not clearly tell me what who is, male of female.
Is Jo male or female?

I would like to have a key that can toggle Hp or names or mood or profession or level or gender symbol or … above the heads of my villagers

When I move furniture out of a stockpile a arrow above the furniture would help to tell apart which one will be moved and which not.
Example: Sometimes I want a chair to be placed somewhere and I have got xy chairs in the stockpile next to another. And then I want to place another chair but accidentally pick the same chair.

I did get a notification that a trader wants to trade with me. I wanted to check if I have got enough in my stockpiles to finish the trade, that is why I clicked on the X in the upper left corner, to have a better view but that cancled the trade.
A minimize button or a “I’ll come back to your request later” button would be nice.

When placing a bed you have to look very carefully to see which side is up. A pillow on the bed would help to see which is the head side. Or something else.

How about a building queue for house? After you have planed it you can select to queue it or build it now. If you queue it the workers will build house after house and you will be able to edit the queue or queued houses.

Building houses … that bugs me a little. The floor will get walls around it and you have to add 2 more blocks for each side in your mind since walls are not build on the floor. Can you follow me? :smiley:
A 9x9 house is actually a 11x11 house and you have to be careful building houses and keep those two extra blocks allllllways in your mind.
Yeah, after a while you’ll won’t have problems with this but for beginners like me it is really bothersome.

BUT overall it is a GREATE GAME :smiley:
I love it.

Something that came up.
When you are in the “manage citizens” menu and open up the “character info” to look up which one you want to promote to xyz job, the new job window will open up behind the “character info” window. And you have to close the “character info” window.

Oh and I am playing the latest unstable branch on steam.


You make some great suggestions that I would also like implemented. You should keep in mind this is still an Alpha, so you should not get too “bugged” by things not working 100% the way you want them to. They are actively building the game and I am sure a lot of things we point out will be taken care of.


You can wait till it goes away then at the bottom of the screen there is a tiny speech bubble that holds all your notifications.