Naomi's Suggestions!

Hi. I been playing for 22 in game hours so far and I like using templates as a fast way to make repeatable housing. There is only one issue i’m having and that’s with Building order.

Making a house from the ground up it uses this que;

Foundations (placing the ground floor tiles

I would suggest that The Object que be spilt up into
wall objects; (Windows & Doors)
General Wall Objects; (Curtains, Flower box’s, Lanterns)
and finally Ground objects (Bed, Chairs, Tables, ect.)

By spitting the Object Que up into these 3 parts you would eliminate workers task blocking. Many Times with my own templates the workers will build the incorrect objects first. for example I had flower box’s blocking workers making windows and on the inside I had a ladder in the middle of a bed where another worker was putting up a lantern. Just make sure that like the walls/floors then complete one section before the next (so if they can’t find a window they will wait until its ready before moving on to Curtains.)

My second suggestion that i’m just going to bolt on here is to add Tall Window and Wide Window objects. For example; Wide Window Flower Box, and Tall Window Curtains. This is just a general thing that would make houses using tall or wide windows look nicer.

My third suggestions I have is a life improvement addon. A fill tool for the landscape. when a goblin camp springs up it leaves a large land scar and most maps also have dips in them that are land scared as well. I would recommend adding to maybe the herbalist a recipes that makes ‘generic ground blocks’ that look like a 3d version of the farmers tile that is made with basic materials (maybe 1 wood and Some basic grown food) Though anyone who can make these replacement ground tiles would be appreciated. Once placed these blocks should take on the enviroment detail around it on the top side. so a grass block would be made if there is grass blocks next to it. and mountain for mountain earth for earth ect. This would allow a slow rebuilding of ground over time.

Other suggestions for people who could build this kinda thing would be; Potter/Stone Mason (potter using clay to make the earth tiles while mason makes the stone variant
Farmer (could add a work bench for them that lets them make this tile in addition to compost to make crops grow faster.

My fourth suggestion is also to do with the farmer. and thats to give him more movement speed as they level (like a footman) As they are fairly slow.

My final suggestion for now is adding a stairs fuction to the build menu. When I first started playing I wanted to make a Medium sized two floored house having the top have my hearthlings bed and eating area and downstairs be a workshop. but due to how houses work. It wasn’t possible as it wouldn’t let me put a roof on the cottage while the floor below the top was ‘incomplete’ I would like to use two floors without having to have a door outside with a ladder up really.


I like the extra items you mentioned to have added; curtains and flower box variants for the windows you noted.

Unsure about the build process, but does make sense

The main reason though for my reply is to mention of the terrain thing. They have plans for a Geomancer in the future that will do those sort of Terrain adjustments. At least in theory. Not much has been said of it. However that one thing is what they have mentioned; the terrain altering or natural earth.

The goblin camp is still leaving an indention? I thought they temporarily turned that off for all those type of spawns… I know the undead house doesn’t do that anymore, but have not confirmed the goblin camp since I am playing an older game. Someone else may know better. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if the indent still exists in the version released today but I’m sure I will find out shortly as I’m planning a new save to test some stuff.

I think the build process is the most important thing, as it can follow the same rules that exist with a few minor tweaks. using the code for the roof they can have workers remove ladders before placing windows before building beds. for example. Right now building takes me much longer than it needs to as I have to build each step after the base house in that order to get everything in. So as it stands I am only able to place the base house and lanturns without having issues. then I need to wait for completion to go into the mode where you only see walls not facing you to place curtains and flower pots and finally beds and tables after that. So really hoping to see that in the future.

Geomancer sounds cool. I hope they add it from a miner class as it would be neat to get a miner with extra perks for mining

New Suggestion!

On the map screen where your choosing where to settle have Escape return to the loadout menu.

On the Loadout menu give the option to regenerate individuals looks (so it changes thier name, and look but maintains the stats rolled on the random generator) This one might just be a me thing. I just like the idea of a female ran society :3 and like to roll a majority female group


amazon society eh? Yeah wouldn’t that be nice to produce, as right now the only ratio I can get with the current generator is 2 males the rest female… Nice if chance to have. Then again I don’t mind and mainly pay attention to having a working bunch of people.

The escape button thing mentioned… Something I would have loved, or at least a way to get back to the generator thingy… button in UI or button to use on keyboard.

I for the most part agree with the building order thing, as an extension, since they do for the most part build the item things last; but at moment all together at once… so having order to building items would be nice.

The geomancer will not be from miner, but more or less might be from one of the existing classes. I know they are probably not going to have a miner class as we have options to someone already make miners and there would not be much to differentiate between worker and other classes. Not much depth into it. Job task based classes I don’t see happening.

Sure the geomancer may sound like it is one of those types, but in actuality is a magic class that will have more to it than terraforming I would think. Like I mentioned, not my info or not enough to get exactly what it is all about. Just know Terraforming is part of it. Most likely it will be off one of the magic class or one of the other to turn it into a magic class. We will seen on that one. :slight_smile:

I been thinking about geo, I bet its an alternative to Cleric :slight_smile:

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Hey just found out this from my questions page and thought it would be cool to ask for; Cross Class Abilities on Certain Class combinations. For example; A Footman who later became a cleric could gain the damage buff from the footman Class. This could also be used to buff the damage of archers or give normal people a speed buff to run away. I think having some class’s having bonus’s would be cool.

Hey here is another suggestion; If you are incombat prevent Invasions from happening, I spent the last 2 hours trying to break out of a loop of losing all my primary town folk to an invasion beacuse my Army was out dealing with the ruby gong event (master Gong) But as my troops are not around the invasion is proving a pain in the arse to deal with as the Troops take too long to get down there

I’d like to this to be added. I really want a Viking looking society since I like to role-play Skyrim. SKYRIM BELONGS TO THE NORDS!!!

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Vikings would be kinda cool. I like this suggestion though you may wish to have your own suggestions page :slight_smile: but either way. yeah Vikings would be kind cool partially if they was dwarven inspired (starting stone mason and having buildings that are more fortress like and imposing) and their terrain could be a mix of snow and mountains (like the temprate lands but only evergreen tree’s snow berries instead of normal berries and bigger and more imposing mountains.

Okay Another suggestion today :smiley:

Remove town Inventory Limit; I just lost a hearthling to starvation because the farmer stopped farming because the town inventory was full of rubble from my large building project. This feature of the game really adds nothing. It should be made that your town inventory is equal to your towns storage spaces (chests, or stockpile zones) This would of avoided the death of my hearthling.

craft piles! clay, stone, wood, etc. piles take 18 resources and turn them into a placeable item, when you need those resources back simply us the harvest tool on the placed piles. if you don’t needs the resources or don’t feel like making the piles, you can always just use the destroy tool on the unneeded items.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

I had piles… lots of them… I couldn’t pile more than I was getting :confused: I was even selling stone and stuff but I ended up with a massive ammount of resources (I was on a desert map and flattened the pointed part of hills and was roading the entire plateau)

It just seems to me that the inventory mechanic isn’t a fun one to play around as its just kinda a thing that exists that you can’t do much about. Imo if a game play mechanic doesn’t enhance the game and makes it less enjoyable it shouldn’t be a thing that is forced

However, Thinking on it just a craftable to expand the town inventory space would fix the problem for example having chests add to stock maximums

Its been a while but I have one more suggestion :smiley:

Could you up the Item crafting Que? I want to have it so the blacksmith creates 1 of every armor and weapon and persistently creates ores into bars, and its not possible to do this :3

Having all armor & weapons & Tools & Valuts =1 and Ingots =100 comes to 31 items :3 So I’d like the max uped so I can maintain the equipment and storage system :smiley:

Here is another one for you; Replace Terrain tool. like the Build road command but for walls, for when you wanna have an underground / cave based town. also being able to build upto the height you can mine (as right now if you dig a tunnel 4x4x4 and then tell it to build a wall 1x4x4 it’ll do the bottom 2 lines but ignore the top lines, so you can’t even do it manually with time right now. so yeah… thats one more :3 Also fruit tree’s because fruit and have the cook make juice for food :smiley:

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Well, Yuki is awsome!
And I don’t know how to make a topic with my own suggestions :slight_smile:
So, here they are:

  1. Mass replant & autoharvest. The idea is simple. Select an area of small plants (like berries) and an area (calculated automatically). Heartlings take all the plants in the selected area & replant them in the replant area. And a farmer auto-harvests them.
  2. Don’t know if the mini-map with user-defined markers is in your to-do list, but I think it’s there.
  3. I like cave-based settlements. And there is no way to dig a mine UP (im on level 63 and I couldn’t dig a tunnel to level 68). Maybe I just didn’t find how to do It, biu it has to be possible!

I have a rather nasty suggestion!
Animals on the farms could make poop, that is used to craft compost. Unprocessed poop reduces happiness and animal productivity. Oh! & herbalists level 4+ can use poop to make explosives. Because after level 2 they are converted into clerics and there is no actual use for high level herbalists.

Another interface suggestion: floor-by-floor building slice. The second floor makes it impossible to see the first floor.