Naomi's Suggestions!

A good way to make steps manally in cliffs is as followed; Use a ladder to build UP to the max high you want, then use the dig down tool and strip back the land one tile at a time. using this you can make some steps

New Suggestion Time :smiley: Up from the trapper or Herbalist have a druid :smiley: a combat class that has a wolf as an animal companion that gets stronger with the druid (kinda like the trappers pet) you could have there weapon be a staff and give them nature powers (such as making a patch of ground grow roots to stop an enemy moving) and the power to restore hp over time to units out of combat (like the herbalist but while awake / walking) finally you could give them a crafting station to make different poisons that can be applied to other weapons (one to slow, one to drain hp over time, one to confuse the enemy to attack anything near it like confusion, and maybe other poisons too. ) I think it would be a neat alternative path that would be fun to play with.

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Not sure if I’ve suggested this before BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT IN SOMETHING THAT CAN HIDE TREES >_<

I’m dieing to one kobold archer cause I can’t target it in the trees >_<

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Okay another suggestion today :smiley: So… I saw this kinda happen because some Golden Gourdes was freshly seeded among a rotten Gourdes patch it looked like the Gourdes had rotted off and fresh growth (from the seeds in the fruit) started growing. I think this would be an awesome feature! like if your plants go rotten and they are left for a little while they will grow new plants on there own as if the fruit fell off and had a fresh sprout.