A wishlist of minor polishes and improvements for 1.0/1.1

We have similar threads for major bugfixes, modding needs and such; but I feel like it’s also worth making a list of minor quality-of-life changes – the sort of things which don’t need much work to pull of, but which get pushed aside in favor of major feature completion.

The idea here is not to suggest new features, so much as to point out inconsistencies and things which just feel a little off or which haven’t caught up with the changes since their implementation in an earlier period.

A few to get us started:

  • It’s possible to move an already-placed item into spaces where you can’t place an item from the menu, such as stacking crates by deploying them to the ground and then moving them to a final position. It would be great if we could just place furniture and items on top of each other straight from the menu.

  • some plants can be moved through while others can’t, but there isn’t much logic to which can/can’t. For example, many players assume that berry bushes can be walked through when they can’t, and their hitboxes extend to the full “placement grid” even though they don’t visually occupy the whole space. It would be nice to have all plants’ hitboxes conform to the space they visually occupy.

  • Lots of the tooltips and lore in crafting UIs seem to “dangle”, referring to deities or characters which were clearly intended to be fleshed out but then never were. There are also a few tooltips which press firmly up against the fourth wall (e.g. the tooltip for the generic wooden sign), which feel a bit out of place.

  • It’s difficult to secure a reliable supply of sugarbells, I’ve seen no hint of seeds for farmers to use and the plants are quite rare – so much so that they’re often not worth the effort to acquire. It would be great to give farmers the ability to grow sugarbells in fields, and more generally, to make sure that seeds for all plants (within reason… although I see no reason to exclude any plants TBH) are available through seed traders and/or through herbalists.

  • There’s no use for ogre bones currently, it would seem logical that someone could craft them into bone maces and axes (perhaps the mason?)

  • Varanus basically stop spawning once the kobold campaign begins, which means we lose access to varanus skin and meat. Rather than having varanus randomly spawn at higher levels, I’d love to see a “varanus camp”/landmark which can provide a steady supply of varanus products – assuming the player doesn’t clear it out.

  • It would be great to see the engineer get a few more turrets and traps – particularly ones which work as “support” rather than DPS. For example, a version of the turret which shoots flaming projectiles (much like the fire quiver this would allow us to panic attackers as they get close to defences), or some cheap barricades to slow incoming attackers and distract ogres etc. from doors. This would “round out” the engineer more, making it feel like there are a few strategic options rather than two novelty items and two useful ones.

  • for all pets, please include some information in their tooltips about the food they eat.

  • Not sure if this is actually a minor feature or rather involved, but hearthlings often carry around items in their backpack long after they’re needed. This leads to items being dropped in odd places when the hearthling needs to make space for a new item. It would be great if hearthlings could prioritise storing any extra items they’re carrying, or if there’s no storage available, simply drop them when they’re done with them rather than carrying them around.

I’m sure there are plenty more which will come to light, and of course it’s going to be subjective which of these features are “minor” (I suspect that anything involving new art assets is going to be too much, but hey, we can dream and hope that the artists have some time/chance to push out a few in the last stretch right?) So let’s find and pinpoint all the minor things which can be quickly polished out while the team wraps up the last additions and gets into bugfixing.


I have a few little things that bother me as well :glum: allow me to add something:

  • I did not notice if pastured animals seek shelter from bad weather, it’s unfair to them when it’s present in the pasture
  • also we are not able to build in the pasture after it has been placed
  • the way we can strip levels in builder would be cool with finished buildings as well, guess it did not work out, otherwise it would had been a feature, right? :glum:

I know I had a few more ideas, but I can’t remember right now, I’ll add them later :glum:


If possible, edit the list of things for re-embarkation. I forgot to put my banner inventory, so sad.

Advanced re-embarkation. Maybe as a side quest. But I want to build a high-end city with all three banners, fireplace and monuments and their effects. The same effects will not be stacked for balance.

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little note regarding the Ogre Bones: actually they are used for making the Ascendancy’s legendary shield and as such are extremely valuable.


I think this is already in, probably the “Fixed the collision of growing plants.” mentioned in the last patch notes.
We removed collisions for all plants, except for grown trees (small/medium/large) and grown bushes. So now there shouldn’t be situations like this one when you plant seeds close to each other: Wrong plant on middle of air - #3 by Arucard7s

Also updated the collision of the bushes, now is tighter so it’s representative of where the hearthlings can’t path (try to move a bush next to another one and you’ll see what I mean) :slightly_smiling_face:
So you can cross out this one from the list.


The icon for the energy tonic is smaller than the other tonics, despite the actual models being the same size.

Edit: Also, lighting doesn’t work properly when you load a game until you unpause.

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Clay and healing items are not 2d drawings like all other filters:


The new fences could yield multiple pieces per crafting. For example, poles and short fences would craft 3 pieces at once, long would craft 2, while combo and doors would be just 1.
Crafting enough fences for a big area consumes a lot of resources.


Can I ask to add a copy button for the filters please. So that you can set up a filter for one chest, then press the ‘copy filter’, select the area and all the chests will be with the same filter.



If not someone could mod it, If no one wants I’ll start on monday

Thanks for starting this thread! Keep these coming, and we’ll try to get them in as we go.


Show dimensions next to the cursor for clarity.

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Maybe an undeploy button for doors and windows? I know why there isn’t one but if we don’t get the “building redesign” (forgot the name) tool to edit existing buildings, this would at least make changing doors and windows easier :slight_smile:


With the mining tool, when you draw a region, the popup menu to delete/resume/pause does not appear, you have to select the region.
For those with the start paused option, it is bad because we can draw it and forget to resume (happened to me, I thought it was bugged… took a time to realize it was just paused)
For those with the start resumed by default, it is bad because you must be quick if you want to pause it before someone goes into the mining.



A small polish feature: Keep mining regions, zones and building blueprints shown when in all construction/zoning/mining tools.

How it currently is in zoning tool and mining tool:

While in building tool:

Having both combined into one tool view, so you can make buildings around freshly designated farms, connect roads to mining entrances etc. would be preferable (or at least a toggle).


This one sounds amazing, having to guess, and go back and forth between the views is exhausting

Some Profession perks (like the 10,000 hours for the mason) contain a “Not Implemented” text - and some (like the deadliest traps) for the Trapper are probably not going to ever be implemented, so it would be nice if these were either edited to reflect the final content and/or removed if needed :merry:


A few basic things which may or may not have been discussed.

-Fence tool, I’ve only seen in greyed out ?
-Buckets and Water to place water
-Engineer can barely make anything
-No real defensive building items like bridges/drawbridges/object walls/gates etc.
-Many crafters have unfinished masteries in their level tree and the masteries are the only real reason to reach 6 for many of them so not implementing would be strange,
-An vanilla option to filter out SPOILED FOOD (and/or the possibility to use spoiled food on your farms)

These are the things I could still come up with that heavily impact the way the game is played.