Develop-2720 on Steam Latest

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed items not placeable on walls.
  • Fixed bug with roof overhang.
  • Fixed mining zones not mining after save/load.
  • Fixed rotation of doors when placed freestanding in the world.
  • Don’t zoom on citizen when changing work orders on Citizens UI.
  • Only raw vegetable containers can be used to make Vegetable Stew.
  • Tune Blacksmith resource chain (ore, ingots, recipes).
  • Improve destination/adjacent region of Forge.
  • Add arrow under currently selected menu icon.
  • Make Golden Clay Wall Planter, Tile Floor Mosaic, and Brightbell and Frostsnap Window Boxes tradeable.

Not sure if this was a bug or intentional, but it doesn’t seem like the cook helps out the farmer when there is no food to be cooked. :frowning:

Pretty sure that is intentional. I believe @yshan or @sdee enabled that back in Alpha 12…

Awwwhhh… I really liked when the cook helped out. :laughing:

Yes, the cook can help farm. crafting SHOULD be higher priority than farming though, so if it becomes inconvenient, let me know XD

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Wait, I missed the word doesn’t…are you say that the cook DOES NOT help the farmers anymore?

@yshan I figured this was a feature, but my cook just chills out at the campfire while I have 2 farms ready for harvest during this release :frowning:

EDIT: Found out that if I check and uncheck the cooks “job” she starts helping out.


Thanks for the added recipes for cook - there wasn’t much to do before in the new biome because of a lack of wheat.


For Translators:

  •               },
                "potter": {
                   "display_name": "Potter Craft Menu",
                   "description": "Makes bricks and goods from clay.",
                   "required_job_text": "Requires a potter" -> added
  •         },
          "entling": {
             "display_name": "Entling",
             "description": "Minion of the forest"
          "entling_mage": {
             "display_name": "Entling Mage",
             "description": "Minion of the forest"
          "stone_golem": {
             "display_name": "Stone Golem",
             "description": "Solid." -> added
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Oooooh I see what you meant now. I will look into why the cook isn’t helping right off the bat.