A few ok-ish suggestions

  1. An option to remove the ladders/scaffolding created when building
  2. A checkbox near the ‘craft’ button to determin whether or not you want that item to be fine (unlocked when your crafter is level 6 or reduce the price of fine items)
  3. Stats on almost everything in the game e.g hearthling speed (blocks per second), how long it takes to make an item, crop growth, harvest time
  4. Description on these stats
  5. Ability to set patrol routes for combat partys
  6. An improvment to the mining system - More mining options (I didn’t make this just liked the ideas in it :smiley:)

well you can already remove ladders/scaffolding, and the fine thing would be good but yu would have to be experienced, i know you said lvl 6 but there should be a detail bar, the higher it is the better chance to make fine.
3 idk what that means

5 you can already kinda do, but its with a spicific area

6 um… idk xD

1 - There’s a command to remove all scaffolding in the console (press ctrl+C, start typing destroy, it should show a result about scaffolding.)
2 - I feel like this would need to take more time to craft to make it fair.
3 - 4 - I think the team wants to avoid giving out numbers for everything so people don’t feel too pressured to min-max.
5 - There’s a mod for that, though I’m not 100% sure it works in the latest update - it probably should.


1 Thanks didn’t know you could remove scaffolding
2 Yeah… I think you should increase the time it takes to make fine items but also increase the level cap so every level reduces the time it takes. Although it probally shouldn’t ever take the same time as normal items.
3 - 4 I suppose but the urge to min-max is strong with me :
5 Ok thanks havn’t delved into mods yet but I probally should…
6 The mining system is clunky when mining downwards