Scaffolding & Ladders

I seem to be losing a lot of play hours to scaffolding construction or deconstruction.

It looks to me like there’s no optimising going on in the AI for where a Hearthling wants to place or remove from next. I followed one hearthling go from one end of a build to another making a single hit here and there, it took absolutely ages.

I was building something out of stone and thought that each Hearthling would grab some stone for the building and some wood for the scaffolding, but it looked like they had to return to the container each time they switched between laying stone and scaffolding.

Although it’s not necessarily breaking the game, it is definitely not fun. Which in my opinion is just as bad.


I usally place some storage near by with the needed materials to prevent to much time loss due to walking. Other then that not sure how to improve the time needed for construction

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you are right, just from some personal observations: if you have 20 hearthlings ready to do something and you order a task all of them seem to be grabbing a part of it. Witch makes that takes part unobtainable for others. You can see this good if you have big mining operation far from your town with the paths visuals enabled. Hearthing nr one will go over dig 3 blocks and goes idle Haerthling nr 2 noticed new blocks are exposed to be mined and takes that job preventing it to be take by someone else (who might be closer). and starts to take the long walk from town just to min 4 blocks and then goes idle

good work around it to minimise the jobs on mining and building. and just have some grates around so the unemployed plebs can haul the stuff letting you work force concentrate on the task ad hand. (but I do agree the game should be better ad this assigning tasks automatically as it does now.)


i can agree with you on the issue with mining. Ordered them to dig a really small hole to let water in underground. dude came and dug 1 block, waiting for another dude to come dig 1 block aswell and yet wait again for another one to dig a block so the first dude good finally finish digging the hole.

I mean 3 dudes to dig out 6 blocks

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What would solve alot of mining issues is if we had the profession of miners

I agree, the building and mining AI needs some improvement. Buildings, even simple things like walls, seem to take a disproportionately long time to build at the moment.