Manage Worker Hearthlings - Build & Job

Sometimes when you play you feel like you need to be able to customize their worm pattern so for example this heartlings builds houses and pretty much everything but i want one separate to for example only restock and chop down trees.

This do not work very good for example with workers because if you decide that this hearthling shall not build but you keep “Job” they will still be building scaffolding on buildings which imo really should be a thing that’s done by the hearthlings set to build houses not by the workers that’s set to do their job such as cutting down trees.

What i want
So i would love if “Build” was for building houses and scaffolding and the “Job” thing was not for handling building houses or scaffolding it do make sense to me to have it that way.

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I do agree, however I think what needs to be done first is:

  1. Separate user placed ladders from hearthling placed ones.
  2. The game to recognize the difference between the above.
  3. Then go about putting hearthling placed ones, along with scaffolding into the build task.

Wonder if would be feasible or possible to do that with the coding they have. Is the general idea/concept that i could see needed for something like that to be feasible to do.

The reason I say ladders is something along the lines of:

  1. When we need a ladder that we initiated to be built, being built by anyone.
    example: If hearthling is stuck somewhere, the tool command to place such ladder could be executed by anyone, and not just the hearthling that is stuck. Otherwise they would be stuck forever with no help without having to switch tasks that can be done.
    Another example: The mine 4x4 tool in pit format. So ladder tool can be accessed by all into to not have to micro manage too much for saving or rescuing stranded hearthling.

  2. To help with building buildings at times that they stop at this time in doing so.

I hope that makes some sense, as that is how I look at it. Don’t really know how they have setup ladders, scaffolding in the code, but it is the premises function of user initiated ladders and ones builders place that needs a distinction, if not already.